How to make archery not suck (SPOILERS)


Let’s face it, archery is shitty in this game… i realized this when i went hunting and i found myself shooting upwards of 10 arrows at a rabbit that was ten paces ahead of me. Now I suggest we put our heads together as a community and find a solution. My suggestion is to recreate the skyrim archery system, it is challenging and fun.


At the beginning i was not shoot at anything.
A lot of ingame days later i´m able to hit my enemy about 30-50 metres. (archery skill 7)
Get a feeling for your bow.
Remember, u are a blacksmith´s son. not a trained marksman. and you are using a 15th century bow.
so don´t expect to be legolas :wink:
The way to not suck at archery? Train


Archery gets easier when you actually train it. It’s suppose to be as realistic as possible – I’m pretty sure the in game description of the skill is that until level 5 you won’t be able to hold the bow properly or something.

Also the quality of your arrows effects the travel distance and accuracy. My archery skill is like level 4 and I already completed and won 2 mini games in archery. I just take my time and line the arrow as best I can. I also did a lot of hunting and got like 200+ hare meats. It takes patience and practice.

This game isn’t Skyrim, you’re not a superhero and can’t expect to be one. If you want to be good at Archery you have to train it and learn it.


It looked so eays… sooo easy in the videos! And even in beta!.. Now I got lvl 1…

Do you see? Lvl 1 achrery. You think doing 10 dmg on lvl 1 and 200 on lvl 20 without having dif. feeling of the bow is the right and great solution to this? Skyrim’s isn’t bad, but the need of the training here to level your aim, as for other weapons, makes the game fun more than lvling them in Skyrim by doing dmg 10 and getting points for that, and getting just more dmg with lvl perks. (tho I didn’t yet read what the perks in KC do for the archery :D) but hey, I think its fine that you can’t aim perfectly calm on level 1 like in Skyrim. (my op. tho :))


And what is the challanging part with Skyrim archery? The only thing that can be challanging with Skyrim archery is the typical Bethesda(and most other games ofc…) bulletsponges that just eat the arrows. But the aiming is so easy, that you almost start to challange your self to aim blindly or with your feet to make it a bit challanging…

While im not saying KC:D have perfect archery, but atleast it requires some skill and practice


@Achtung_Waffen go grab a bow, and head out side and attempt to shoot a rabbit with no prior experience, i attempted this when i was younger and the result was a mess. It’s a fucking bitch to hit them.

This game is supposed to be realistic, and Skyrims archery is the farthest thing from that with lock on arrows, and zero drop ( arrow should go up at first, but the farther it travels it should start dropping which does not happen in Skyrim.).
And not to be rude but do you seriously find Skyrims archery challenging?


Tip on archery if your having trouble with shooting, its not an easy system but if you use the old CoD trick, take a piece of clear tape and with a permanent marker draw a decent size circle that matches the one on the screen when crouched. tape it there so the dot lines up. when shooting aim slightly above target, when you go to draw dont try to correct the sway let him sway (left or right) whichever way he goes let it go, it will then change directions go the opposite way, STILL DONT CORRECT… its important you leave it alone and shoot off the sway, after the second sway youll have built up the pull power and on the way back this time release when u get to the middle or dot is back above target where you originally started. once i judge distance of a shot ill hit bullseye everytime with this method…


I’m on the Xbox here and am having a joy with the archery, sure it’s difficult but what do you expect? Henry isn’t a master archer


im on xbox also and i wont front, the first hunt with the rabbits i had trouble with but then i learned the system and now that i undertand you dont want to try to correct the sway you need to let it go and shoot off the sway, its so much easier… again i can hit bullseye almost everytime once ive judge the distance correctly which usually only takes a shot or two at most… n i dont have the skill high yet so i can wait till i do i imagine the sway gets reduced drastically and power plus damage increase of course


The only issue I have with archery is the gigantic smoke trails the arrows leave behind.


I believe those go away when you level your archery up.


Awesome that’s good to hear.


My only question to the people complaining about the system is … have you ever tried an antique bow? Not a fiberglass reproduction, but an old school bow? I’m no William Tell, but passable with a modern bow, and an old English longbow (a couple centuries newer than the in-game bows) made me look a fool right quick.


OR, you didnt understand it yet and thus at this point you are shitty at archery in this game. i barely missed any of the rabits even with low lvl, it takes ingame skill aswell as your own hands to hit a target which is great as its not easy in reallife either to master the bow and arrow. Go practice and you will become better eventually :wink: they shouldnt change anything about the system when it comes to that


I love archery in this game, far better than say Skyrim which you never miss an arrow even if you just started the game, lol…


The archery and lockpicking are fine, yes they are annoying and difficult, but its something that CAN be learned and made easier in the game.


more interactive or staged practice (short range, then longer, etc) in Rattay training might help. Melee training to me was best (or one of best) ever


I’m sorry, I don’t wanna offend you but if you say skyrim archery is CHALLENGING, then I know why you don’t hit anything in KCD. In skyrim I can hit an enemy from 1 Kilometer on level 1… Go and train your archery skill. From time to time Henry will improve, shoot more accurate and can hold the arrow longer. I like the archery very much cause finally you really have the feeling of success when killing an animal or even an enemy with an arrow


Damn right. I’m a archer in a viking reenactment group and I’m shooting with an english yew longbow and I must say that this game is quiet realistic if not the bugs…


Archery is not shitty, it just takes time to learn, like any skill (for you, the player, but also for the character). Hentry never fired a bow before in his life, what do you expect? The skyrim archery system was pretty boring for me, no skill involved, far too easy. As a Dark Souls player, I gotta say… git gud scrub.