How to make Sir Hans Capon have a nice time with Karolina DLC


I went through this quest a few times trying to choose different dialogue options when talking to Karolina’s father and also choosing different combinations of poems but it always ends in the same way - Hans is babbling nosense and seems to be unwelcome guest in Karolina’s bedroom, with whole thing summed up as a disaster next morning by sir Hans. I watch a few walkthroughs in yt and the story ends up the same as mine, except in one case (video uploaded or linked on nexus somewhere ) where Sir Capons says he had a marvellous time with Karolina. The problem is I do not know what they did different to get the positive result of this randez-vous as it seems all the dialogue options, poetry lines chosen were the same as mine. Any ideas ?


Gentle Night, Why Linger On

Then, do

From Melancholic Pining Swells


Ah lord, let me not wait in vain!

After that, Blame the French.

When the butcher comes, choose the higher options you have against him, then start singing. Continue singing, and sing again. They will leave, and Hans would have had a good time.


By the way, he will still babble nonsense if you do it like this, but it will still succeed.


Thank you :slight_smile: It’s silly that Karolina will fall for some lines and for others not, especially that Hans can never repeat correctly, and the choice of dialogue lines with her father influences her behaviour toward Hans when shes’ already busy with him and cannot hear anything. Does not make any logical sense to me . I expected rather having to brew some other love potion or doing some other trick before. But ok, thank you for the help.