How to mod item stats


I’m trying to mod a sword’s item stats, but when I’ve finished with editing and try to test it, nothing changes. The vanilla stats are still there. Am I doing anything wrong?

Here’s how I do it:

  1. Copy the .xml files (melee_weapon, equipable_item, pickable_item and weapon) to desktop.
  2. Edit them to my liking.
  3. Save the edits and then create four new txt files, each having the same name as the other four .xml files and changing file type to .tbl
  4. Put both .xml and .tbl files into a pak file with the file structure Libs/Tables/item
  5. renaming the .pak file to zzz_mymod.pak


That is deprecated now.

Mods should go to KCD\Mods

The new data structure is built inside the mods folder


(where mod_files.pak can take any name, convenient to either use mod.pak, or some name which represents the content).
Here you build Libs/Tables/item etc, and include the .xml and empty or correctly compiled .tbl files. (so far we don’t have a tool to encode these .tbl, only documentation and a python script to decode them…)

Ensure you get the file names correct - I had trouble with a mistyped file name for a while… and in the confusion lost my latest version of one of my larger edits… [bother/]


Oh well, I tried that just after I posted this, still same thing… Is there something I’m missing?


I’ve got changed values (adjusted weapon and armour, changes to injury mechanics) in items and rpg - so the system is functioning. You must have made an error, but I can’t guess what it could be…

Check the kcd.log to see what packages are being loaded/failed?


Okay, i checked. And it shows that my mod (huntingsword) supports 1.3.3 and is enabled but there is no changes to the sword I modified.
Log: [Mod] ‘Cheat’ doesn’t support game version ‘1.3.3’, it will be disabled
[Mod] ‘HuntingSword’ supports game version ‘1.3.3’, it will be enabled
[Mod] ‘StayCleanLongerGetDirtyGradually’ is not limited to any game version, it will be enabled
[Mod] ‘WashingDeluxe’ doesn’t support game version ‘1.3.3’, it will be disabled


What are you trying to edit?


When you make the “.tbl” step – are you creating a blank text document and naming it “melee_weapon.tbl” or are you reproducing the .xml? If reproducing stop, the mod tbl file needs to be blank to trick the game into loading it…

Also, the “zzz_MyModName” is also depreciated by the new Mod folder. Should be:
(Folder) KingdomComeDeliverance
(Folder) Mods
(Folder) MyModNameHere
(Folder) Data
(Zip File) Tables.pak (inside .pak should be Libs/Tables/item [folders] then the files…)


I’m reaching main level of 8 and haven’t even learned master strikes yet but already feel most enemies are too weak to post a threat as they once did. I’ve noticed a couple balancing mods are in the works and on nexus mods. Anybody using them? Thoughts?