How to support the game development


Since Kickstarter doesn’t provide support for Kingdom Come: Deliverance anymore, my question is:
If I buy the game now, will the money go directly into the development of the game?


Yes. This is as direct as you can get.


Are you sure it’s still going into the development? Because the release is soon.


I am only not sure about steam. Though this will also give you access to steam version but once it will be on this I expect it only be delivered there or I mean if you purchase steam version, there will be some cut for Steam so this time it is as direct as you can get. Later, when it will be available on steam, I am not sure.


Thanks, gonna get it. This game is amazing. It’s like the dream of a game I wanted to make.


Yes, if you get it now on our homepage, it is the most direct way to support us. Later we will distribute the game via Steam.


This is what actually troubles me. I’ve bought via the homepage. Will the game be available as a standalone from Steam for me? I would like to avoid installing the Steam app and all this Steam stuff…


We are not sure yet, if we will have another solution to install the game without Steam at release.