How To Use "p_fly_mode" Console Command? (How To "Noclip"?)

I would have posted in the codes/cheats thread, but i can’t reply (maybe it’s locked)
Among the possible console commands of the game i see a “p_fly_mode = x” command.
After some research i found out it’s supposed to enable the noclip mode.
If i write p_fly_mode = 1 it accepts the command, but after i hit enter it leaves a 0 value, no matter which number i type in.

Any suggestions on how to enable the command?
I really need to move freely in the air (possibly going through walls and stuff) to make a video.

Thanks a lot.

Any Suggestions? The commanb is actually available

Its been in my experience console commands that don’t work have been disabled by the dev. whether or not that applies to this I can’t be sure.

First you need to activate DEVMODE (STEAM: “-Devmode” as launch option)
Then use P_Fly_Mode 1 and P_Collisions 1 to be able to go trough walls….
Make sure you are above the ground when exiting. And Use P_Collisions 0 before P_Fly_Mode 0 to not fall trough ground!

the p_collisions command doesnt work, help