How will this build run the game?

How will will this run game at 1920 x 1080 resolution at max?

AMD Ryzen 7 2700x 8cores @3.7ghz
Sapphire Nitro + RX 580 Special Edition 8GB GDDR5
16GB DDR4 3000 Corsair Dominator Platinum
Seagate Barracuda 4GB HD @ 7200
ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Gaming AM4 AMD X470 MOBO

20-30 FPS on Ultra (Max) since we have similar hardwares.

Lol that’s it?

How many frames are you getting? I suspect you would be getting over 30FPS for sure due to the GPU being RX 580 8GB.

I’m getting about 35-40+ on V.High in places like Rattay, at 60+ in open world areas… Such as roads, forest, and etc.

GPU is kind of a bottleneck for my CPU, I initially was running the game in “Borderless” mode and my performance was horrid. I couldn’t understand why my frames were so bad I tried so much to tweek the settings and after I put in “full screen” I instantly got like a 20-30% boost in performance.

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I don’t have any DLC installed other than Treasures of the Past from the Special Edition and the Tournament. But today while doing the quest for Peshek where you have to recover the ring from Executioner Herman I saw that his dialogue had a new option for training called Houndmaster. Which struck me as weird since I don’t have the DLC. So my question is simple. Do I need the
DLC to access the dog feature? Because what would be the point of training a skill I can’t use anyway? Thanks a lot in advance

Just don’t play in ultra, it’s really not worth it the visual difference between very high and ultra is minimal, or even sometimes divisive / less good looking (examples with rain (game effects) being uglier in ultra than low and lighting having a lot of flickering artefacts in ultra compared to other presets).
However, very high really does look better than high, a lot of shaders are of much better quality in very high compared to high, for example generally speaking lighting and especially shadows looks much better in very high, you might want to tweak some values though or it will look too sharp.

@deus_rsf i agree, don’t use the ultra, even when everybody says that GPU like RX 570 and 580 are supposed to have 60fps at 1080p in every game, because this isn’t like every game, both in good and in bad. In this game, you have to make compromises, and it won’t destroy your gaming experience, unless you are just after the graphical eye candy. This game is close to a historical masterpiece in many ways, and if you can get your mind in this game, you can enjoy the game even with medium settings.

To get best experience, try different graphics settings and see your self. Its pretty fast to adjust couple settings at time (not from worst to best but like 1-2 levels at time), so its pretty easy to test, and even change your settings when you come to cities / villages, or if you go out to forest for a while. Villages and castles are very texture hungry, and that will put many GPU’s under massive stress, in both GPU clock and memory.

my favourite is game effects, lighting, and physics on medium, all the rest on very high ^^