How worthy is this game for you?


Currently, game has reached the price of 60$ or 70$ if you want the extra content. But what is the price you would pay for it?

I have also spotted this at game-debate, where people choose the price for games.

Daniel Vávra mentioned his concern about people buying discounted games.

Warhorse Studios as any other company should get support from the people who like their game, and they should pay full price.

But there are other games, competition for maybe less money, more content, convenience, despite saying KCD will be unique in its own right.

I have seen E3 games and AAA competitors and there will be surely a lot to consider where to put your money, though I believe most people here already know where to put theirs.

Would you, or did you pay for it in advance (beta + full version), or would you rather wait till release and see the reviews of full version?

Here is a brief poll to you, if you want to participate:


i buy about 3 games per year, so personally, i am willing to pay 200 dollars for it.


In Russia everyone, who pays full price is called “console peasant”. (There is a huge regional discount in Steam)


After seeing latest e3 video i would say 40$ is my max tho i paid 50. Combat melee and archery didn’t get touched after all feedback.
After all this Now i’m siding with MB II Banerlord.


Yeah, I hope we get a few more previews about the combat, different animations (especially idle in conversations) and a good overview of the content of the game.

But siding with mount and blade 2? I mean Warhorse does a way better job of communicating with the community. We barely know anything of M&B2.

But I guess my max for this game would be 60. Though I spend more money on it, because I enjoyed the developement of it and wanted to support the developers.


I would certainly not pay in advance for Assassin’s Creed or Mass Effect but I did pay in advance for the KCD - a year ago or so ; I did play the available beta and I am happy waiting for the realase of the first game I have ever been waiting for :slight_smile: It looks worth the money and I see the guys are passionate about what they are doing so there will not be any fails like in case of rushing-money-maker companies in gaming industry :).


How worthy for me… i think i can say, i will steal it when I become poor before the release! :smile:
First and often already written reason, my family name in it!
Second and most reason,
I have enough of all these games with all these terrible designed armors.
The first medieval game with non ridiculous clothes after 30 years of games.
Okay, my only favourite armor of an other medieval fantasy game is the Ore Baron Armor from Gothic.
Result… My complete monthly salary! :sunglasses: :heart_eyes: give me Gugels


hmmmm maximum 100 Euro, but I bought it already for 70.


100€ is good graphics card, would you not rather give yourself chance to play it on High video settings with extra money saved than give more than required (by supporting developers)?


There is no way to really know how worthy the game actually is prior to properly playing and experiencing the final finished release build.

I mean…it was around this time last year a certain other indie game released that literally promised us the universe and came off the back of a 3 year long hype train that formed massive online cults, supposed endorsements by famous directors and stars…and basically everyone thinking it was going to be the second coming and a major revolution in the gaming industry. And the game released for the full $60.

I think people know what game I am talking about…and the dream shattering backlash that ensued very quick after it released!!!

But Warhorse on the other hand have been a lot more forthcoming and open about what we can expect for KCD…going as far as to release an online beta version for PC gamers to experience.

I only actually found out about KCD back in May. I was actually looking for info on a possible new Saints Row game. And knowing Deep Silver was the game developers publisher (ever since THQ went bust) I was seeing if there was any chance Deep Silver was going to show off a new Saints Row game at E3…and saw nothing about it and was disappointed. Though kind of expecting there to be no new game.

Then I noticed they had KCD listed as a game that was going to be shown at E3. As soon as I saw it was meant to be a big open world realistic Medieval game…and most important of all, SINGLE PLAYER ONLY!!!..and coming to PS4…then watching a few videos on it. Well then I was sold on the idea of what this game seems to be aiming for.

How good it will really turn out to be or how worthy it actually is, I don’t know. But I REALLY love the idea and concept Warhorse are going for with this project. And I intend to purchase it on release day on PSN digital download.

Am hoping for a good game…NOT expecting an earth shattering masterpiece, though it really would be awesome if it turned out to be one of those. Just want to keep expectations reasonable and well in check.


No, I really really like this game and I want to support it.


I’m happy to pay the standard full price for this one, and look forward to any reasonably priced dlc to enrich the experience.

I only learned of this game recently. If i’d been aware of it years ago i’d have enthusiastically paid as much as i could afford to help development. There is something very special about this project, and i hope it does well enough to warrant many future titles.


It was delayed three times, so many backers complained about it, you would probably wait impatiently too when investing into it in early stages a lot of money.


[quote=“213, post:2, topic:33476, full:true”]
i buy about 3 games per year, so personally, i am willing to pay 200 dollars for it.
I too want to buy the game.


I also just buy a couple of games a year only because i just do one at a time. This game grabbed me from the start so i’ll shell out the asking price on day one.


$59.99 is a very worthy price for this game!


Well, unless I really, really want a game, I don’t afford to buy anything full price nor day one…

I gain minimum wage you know, video games is almost a luxury for me. I rarely buy something over 20 bucks actually.

With that said, notice how my profile says duke and know that I’m a kickstarter-backer. For this game I could put the price and patience into it i think it says a lot about my interest.


I think the price is justified. But I also have to out myself as a fanboy. :smiley:


I’m surprised the full price of a new game hasn’t gone up in a VERY long time. I would be happy to pay double what I have been paying from the developers I really trust to put out a good game.

I don’t play a lot of games. But the ones I like, I play a LOT.

Warhorse, being a newcomer, I don’t know. So far, I admit, I am intrigued. I would probably pre-order if they were going to offer a switch between 1st and 3rd person views. 1st person only is the reason I will wait until after release to make my decision.