How worthy is this game for?


Currently, game has reached the price of 60$ or 70$ if you want the extra content. But what is the price you would pay for it?

I have also spotted this at game-debate, where people choose the price for games.

Daniel Vávra mentioned his concern about people buying discounted games.

Warhorse Studios as any other company should get support from the people who like their game, and they should pay full price.

But there are other games, competition for maybe less money, more content, convenience, despite saying KCD will be unique in its own right.

I have seen E3 games and AAA competitors and there will be surely a lot to consider where to put your money, though I believe most people here already know where to put theirs.

Would you, or did you pay for it in advance (beta + full version), or would you rather wait till release and see the reviews of full version?


Honest? The Release is so close i wouldn’t buy it with early Access now but I understand when somebody would do it to support WH. I bought the Game shortly after Kickstarter and didn’t regret to buy it with Alpha but it was cheaper i guess.

I think its worth 60 to 70$ but i also know its a lot of money and it’s not a shame to wait a while to get it on a steamsale.

Wrote down how you decided.


If every NPC and the PC has a scabbard for every sword/Knife.
If every Bow is worn around the shoulder and is not flying the air.
If every Shield has strap and is worn with the help of the strap and is not glued on the model.
If the scabbard is shown in the inventory as an element and if it can be changed.
If the drawing sehathing into the scabbrd can be seen in 1st PErson View.
If Every Scabbard is Worn with a haning and not glued onto the model and if every drawn sword stays out of the scabbard and is not there as a ghost sword!

Then the game is wort 200$ for me. But if not then much less!


You can not be more original.


I backed at the Baron tier from Kickstarter. Paying $60 - $70. for a triple-a game is the norm.


These things sound amazing on paper…

But in reality, I will stop noticing them in like 5 minutes of playthrough :smiley: And then I will actually get mad, if all these animations will start slowing down pacing of the game or something…


Pretty mich agree with tsunamik. Im much more interested in sword fighting. If this is as close to reality as it can be in my eyes, i’ll gladly pay even more. Also if they’ll bring more content and more options how to play KCD, I’ll gladly pay even for DLCs.
Also, non linearity is pretty much big toy itself. First thing ill do will be to grab some longsword somewhere, second thing to do will be my best effort to break the game.


i don’t know will it be worth it? gonna breaks some hearts.

I know one or two girls that will not be getting a valentines night out. they be lucky to get an invite round and watch me get my kingdom come on. luck I am a romantic at heart so i’ll let em fetch me a beer and make me asambo. hell i want them to be apart of this too. like a team. like they can look at the map for me read up on some tips maybe no actual playing god no. I ain’t no walkover.