Huge frame rate drop after restart

I installed the game yesterday and played with a sufficient frame rate. After loading my savegame today I merely achieved 12 fps. I didn’t install new drivers, Windows 10 did not update, no changes to the settings were made. The problem first only applied to the last two savegames, when loading an older one it ceased to be. After rebooting however, the lowered frame rate persists threw all savegames. Changing the settings has minmal effect i. e. even on low the frame rate doesn’t climb above 20, before this bug I played on very high with fps in the 40s and 50s.

try to get in “utent\savedgames\kingdomecome\profiles”, and delete the “settings” file, then enter the folder “default” and delete all of this “actionmaps” “attributes” “profile”. then open kcd and setting up the game. I hope I have been of help

Thank you for trying to help, sadly though it didn’t work. I just found out, that there was an update to the game yesterday, so that’s probably the reason it got srewed up. If it would only be possible to roll back the games version on my computer.

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