"Huge things are coming soon which you shouldn't miss"


So it seems we are getting some cool news soon.

What do you people think these news are about?

Game finished

Didn’t you hear? They’re finally adding dragons:)


Ah at last! The game was really looking boring without dragons :frowning:


Phew. Faith in Warhorse restored. I heard they’re using motion capture for the dragons too. :open_mouth:


Better be a dragon wearing studded leather armor, with a half naked moorish lesbian on its back wielding a Katana.


One Czech youtuber posted he was working on WH video update whole night, however there was nothing visible on picture. Kinda curious now…
Edit: expecting release date in upcoming video update


I doubt it. Dan was in ČT today and he said that “hopefuly” the game will come out this year… It definitely doesn’t look like they know the realese date.


damn, mazarini’s post was so hopeful…


Release date announcement? Possible new features/actors? I’m assuming something like that.


Release date? Is it you?


Vávra říkal, snad tenhle rok.


To get another video update would be enough for me, I enjoy watching the behind the scenes things. Like when they showed us, how much work would go into making a church. Really interesting stuff.


I think its a mistake from Warhorse to do this.
I understand they thinking. They want to do this. Tease something - make people curious and hungry for some news, and then satisfy them. But usually they tease something, we get excited, and then nothing happens for too long. And all we get is upset and nervous.

If Tobi wouldnt tweet that, I wouldnt check the forum everyday :smiley: and wouldnt be let down everyday.

Thats just some thinking…
But simple raw message of mine is :Give me that huge things already!!! :D:D:D


I expected something this week aswell, maybe next week? Which I would still count as soon.

Honestly, at this point whenever someone says soon I try not to get my hopes up. I still do and get disappointed. I’m looking at you; TaleWorlds, Bioware, Berserk… (and many others.)


I agree. Game already had three planned release dates (Q4 2015, Q2 2016, Q4 2016) and now 2017.

After this huge delays they should not do any surprises. They should tell us the truth. I think that lot of people is quite pissed off by the constant delays.


You, dear Sire, happened to be showcase victim of marketing strategy :grin: