Hunting swords should be strength based

I could see how the saber would be considered as an agility weapon since their functions are mainly for slicing up your enemies, but hunting swords, in particular the falchion, are not meant for graceful cuts, but chopping enemies into pieces.

Why should the be strength based? They’re not heavy weapons.

1 Like Looks agiel to me, (Langes Messer is the German sword most likely to be the ‘hunting sword’)

Actually the longsword should also be agility based.
Raw strength is not really relevant to how one is used… as long as one have the needed strength to use it.

only Maces and axes should be based on strength. this would also make more since gamedesign since all swords would than be based on the same stat.

Hunting sword is agility based weapon but it has decent blunt damage and benefits from headcracker perk. So you can knockout enemy more often with head hits or blunt strike combo by HS.

You seem to be under the impression that falchions are more like machetes than like swords. That is not the case. They are swords, and behave largely like other swords. They may look heavier due to their width, but that’s compensated by them also being thin in the thickness-dimension. There is a chance you get your impression of the falchion as a heavy cleaver from handling cheap modern reproductions, which often don’t make them thin enough. Suffice to say: if sabers and shortswords are agility based, it would be absolutely nonsensical for the falchion not to be.

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I would recommend watching this video, which clarifies a few misconceptions about falchions