I am into this game now Fallout 4

Fallout 4 became way more fun when they introduced Survival Mode for just this reason. It forced you to set up a base and use it to prepare for your journey before setting out. Have a good night’s rest, have a big meal, plan your route, pack your bags with enough gear to get by without being overburdened.

Heading into the Glowing Sea, need to pack extra RadAway. I can complete these two quests on the way there, then loop around and do this quest on the way back. Should take me at least 4 days, so this many purified water bottles should suffice.

Days later, you finally make it back to base. You’re tired, you haven’t slept in a proper bed in ages. You ran out of water and RadAway on day 2, so you’re highly irradiated and thirsty. Your bag is packed with loot. You get home, crash in bed until noon the next day. Get clean, have a big breakfast, clean water, then spend the next couple of days relaxing, recovering. Sort through your loot, using materials you gathered to build up your base, upgrade weapons etc.

Then onto the next journey.

Why you don’t play Elex? Or have you already?

Fallout 4 is an excellent game…… Top 5 all-time favorites.

Elex is better. Believe me. It also plays in a hand crafted post-apocalyptical science-fantasy world and is more RPG with excellent quest writing and dialogs by PB.

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Elex is a another good game. It is unfortunate that it did not have the continued support of the developers to fix some of the bugs that still persist in the game. The nending had much to desire since you were left hanging waiting for the sequel.

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If you add the Conqueror mod, a Faction pack of your choosing and their dependencies, you can radically alter the gameplaying options available. highly recommend adding on top of survival mode

Start me up mod - provides refreshing alternates to begin game and that can eliminate some of the absurd aspects of the FO4 narrative structure

Fallout 2287 mod - provides the Metro-like mechanic and feel. So if overcoming environmental challenges holds your interest, get this and consider also adding True Storms mod

Yes, the latest patch of Elex changed the lighting and color grading which looks bad. But there is a small mod that restore the old lighting and color grading from previous versions.

the landscape and dialogue seem impressive. Just can’t get past some incongruities… jet pack belt and swords.

It’s not a science-fiction world, it’s science-fantasy. There are three guilds: the Berserk who live in the woods like in the middle ages and fighting with swords, but use also mana. The Clerics who use that Elex that came with the meteor and use it for modern technology. The Outlaws in the desert who use swords with technology and also guns. And then there are the Albs that eat Elex to get strong but synthetic.

You have to chose which guild you join. And you can’t compare it to Skyrim which is only middle age plus fantasy. In Elex you have also technology and this is why you have a jet pack. But it’s limited. You can’t fly unlimited.