I cant fight multiple opponents at a time and therefore cantr progres in the game

i have been trying over and over again to deafeat a group of 3 bandits within the main quest but i cant. i have tryd so many time but every time they swarm me and kill me. i enjoy the game but i despise the combat system it feels so chunky and boring.
due to this problem i cant progres in the game im stuck dying over and over again powerless to do anything. the enemys feel like tanks i land a lot of hits but it does nothing to them. often i dont even get the chance to land hits because they block eveything and dont fall for feints. im considering to just quit the game and never play it again but i do enjoy the parts of the game wich are not combat. what im looking for is some tips or if its possible to turn on god mode and win that way. or if its a way to turn off the lock on feature wich annoys me quite a lot. i also seem to constantly lose control of my own carachter so he charges straight at the enemy.

Do not worry or be overwhelmed. It is normal to happen at the beginning, but when you grab the trick it is almost too easy.
My recommendation is: Always look for spaces, avoid being around you, always be defensive and if you have the strength to push them to hit them on the head.

You never have to fight multiple opponents. You can always avoid combat, except with Runt. You have to beat him. Git gud? Up your stats. Fight on horseback. Use stealth. Stop being bad.

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Play stealth all your way 'till finish… when you level up (Especially Strengh, Vitality, Agility) and get some good armor you’ll find how easy is to fight even if you have no expertise…

Enjoy the game, don’t rush missions… enjoy the open world, learn to read, find books, hunt animals, don’t go criminal way like crazy, this is not GTA… you’ll be leveling up meantime.

i managed to deafeat them and im doing ok now thanks for the help

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No problem. Seriously though, you can play a complete pacifist game, and other than Runt, you don’t need to do any combat at all if you don’t want to. Things can be handled in a non combat way. Battles can be observed. You can often ask NPCs to help fight for you.

Use archery, the games archery system is realistic so it may be difficult but arrows deal significant damage especially aimed at lightly or not armored area. Maybe sneak in, get behind a bandit, bust a arrow in the back of his head and try and kill one of them before they draw their weapon. Enemies seem to take extra damage when not in a fighting stance and will be stun locked for you to beat them to death. If things go south make sure you have the master clincher skill so you can win clashes. If you win a clash you will get a free attack anywhere, I suggest you hold the stab button, angle it high and let go to feint a stab into the face. If thats too complicated because I’m garbage at explaining things just swing high into their skull. Try using hit and run strategies. heck, maybe run away for a bit, get them tired, turn around, parry and then swing continuously, from what I experienced enemies are worse at defending on low stamina. Meaning they will likely not Master strike you and at worst parry but usually block. Especially on story enemies because story enemies tend to be weaker and less skilled. Unlike the bandits you hunt down during side quest. Rule of thumb, if the enemy wears heavy armor they are really good, If they wear mainly gambeson and maybe chain mail they tend to be bad or decent.

Archery is really good and a decent bow with decent arrows will likely always deal health chip damage to any armor so you can cause bleeding or at worse only damage him slightly.

The great thing about this game is that you can take a break from any quest that you’re stuck on and go do other stuff for awhile. You can get better gear, weapons, and level your character for a few hours then try again.

However, if you’re dead set on doing the fight now, don’t worry about feints. Feints are pretty worthless. Focus on blocking and dodging (you’re at the point where you’ve learned that, right?). When you perfect block or dodge, you open the enemy up briefly.

There is a button to unlock from the lockon system. I don’t remember what it is by default, but you can go into options and see what it is or change it to something else. You can also use the mouse wheel to switch between enemies that you’re locked onto.

Don’t let enemies get behind you – as Bernard says when he’s training you, “Keep Moving”. Standing still is death. Keep the enemies in front of you by moving around.

Don’t be too aggressive. When you’re outnumbered you’re on the defensive, charging at one enemy allows the others to get behind you. Focus on movement and blocking and dodging and when there’s an opening, attack. Use stab (right-mouse) as that’s quicker, slashing allows the enemy more time to block. I never slash unless an enemy is already staggered from being repeatedly stabbed.

Combat in KCD starts off hard (and even after it gets easier, it will still kick you in the junk from time to time) but that’s the way it would have been.

A lot of people (myself included) who have trouble with this game have trouble because they try to play KCD like it’s Skyrim. It isn’t. It’s not hack and slash, it’s realistic.

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When fighting multiple enemies you are obviously supposed to play defensively. Keep fishing for master parries and keep walking backwards. Enemies will try to surround you, so look around. Btw you don’t have to be focused on an enemy to master parry, or block his attack.

Stealth raiding bandit camps is fun for few first times but it gets old especially after learning the AI behaviour. Also bow scumming gets old and let’s be honest those methods (not to mention ignoring combat altogether) don’t make you feel like a Man like close combat does. Unfortunately combat can be devastatingly hard for beginners like me as enemies usually come in greater numbers and I seeimly can’t get any friends to help me. there was once a this situation where I was ambushed and I escaped to woodcutter camp nearby. Bandits started chopping woodcutters up while I was battling with this small terrier constantly hanging in my crotch. I finally managed to kill it and was like “yeaahhh who’s the man now!” and then looked around and saw nobody except couple dead woodcutters. Apparenyly rest of them escaped and bandits chased them. My manly moment was quite short lived. Game makes noobs feel like wimps they are in real life so this game isn’t fulfilling their hero fantasies, unless they grind their skills up to the roof with Bernard. And then the next problem seem to be enemies becoming too easy what I’ve read. Oh well, game is game.

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Haha. My manly moment is often short lived when I’m swarmed by five/six farmers. two having polearms And a shaggy dachsund nipping at my nads. I prefer light (padded) armor so’s I can move fast, so this means if I do get flanked by a bugger with said pole arm I’m fekked.
Anyway, life’s a bitch and then you die,lol.

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Do the treasure hunt and get higher teir armor and weapons and train with benard all u gotta do well treasure hunt if ur just starting oh and horse gotta have a good horse

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I have played a bit more and now I’m starting to feel like it’s easier to take down even armored enemies. I’m not sure if I unlocked some kind of OP perk boosting my damage etc. or if it’s just better armor and weapons I’ve acquired but I took down 3 armored bandits at Skalitz with relative ease when I was doing treasure quest. It may also be that I tried to fight them using swords and now have realised blunt damage weapons work better. Good horse is also indeed a must and that coward starter horse is only good as a sausage. It threw me down every freaking time I was ambushed but now with more brave horse it pretty much doesn’t happen anymore.

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