I Cant get Past the Baptism of fire Quest because Enemy Ai Consider me Ally?

I was Doing the “Baptism of fire” Quest at PC and Whenever i was goining to Attack the Enemy Soldiers they just Ignored me. I though "oh,well better for me but After killing 4 to 5 Enemies i got a ‘‘Game over , Too many of your men Died’’. I tried around another 4 times but all concluded with the same black screen with ‘‘Game over , Too many of your men Died’’. I did some search and i found out that due to the trainer’s cheat full Reputation So i Had max Repution and i was Consider as an Ally to the Bandits.But even players without Trainer have this Bug. Seriously now you can be consider as an ally of the Bandits?Now i am trying to to decrease my repution by going back to the ‘‘My friend Timmy Quest’’ and killing these bantints at the Willfarm. If that not works i am done with this game. If anyone knows any way for the Bandits to be Considered as enemies it would be appricieted if you could write them down of this.

The trick with the banydits at the willfarm worked and i passed the Bamptism of Fire