I can't start the game


I tried to run the game on ultra (my bad) and I couldn’t get past the loading screen after you talk to your mother (it was taking so long to load) and i restarted my pc to change the graphics (my bad too).

And now I keep getting this error, which occurs after the game loads in the intro.

I have ALREADY tried do run it with administrator, tried to reinstall c++, directx and verified steam game cache.
The error: https://i.imgur.com/3MpwWjG.png

Specs: GTX980
WIN 10 64 BITS


Maybe this is silly, but did you try to log off and back in steam?


Yes, I restarted my PC one more time, but I’m reinstalling the game now after a clean uninstall, it will take forever but maybe it will work then.
I did not found any other folder than the steam one though, even in the appdata.


@Lucx A good decision, I hope it will do the trick…


@Urquhart Well, It didn’t work…