I can't turn on game


Hello, yesterday I bought and install KC Delivernce and when clicked on ‘‘start the game’’, game wrote me this: ‘‘Unable to verifity your license, try run again game activation from KCD Launcher’’. (you can see it on screenshot) When i tried to turn on it with KCD Launcher it wrote me this: ‘‘Press OK to exit’’. (again you can see on screenshot)

What can i do?


I send you a PM :slight_smile:


PM - personal message
is should be shown as a red nubmer above your icon

when you click it a rolldown should be shown and you can choose to open the message


OK, it’s working, now am installing, thank you :slight_smile:


Hello I have exactly the same problem


Okay, I send you a PM


I have a problem in the second picture, could you help me


I will take a look. I will send you a PM, as I need more information from you.