I figured it out!

Hello everyone,
In my Kingdom Come journey, I’ve come across trials and tribulations. I’ve played for a total of four hours (one of which was used trying to tweak my graphics, then finding out the game runs WAY better on an SSD, and thus deleting and re-downloading so it runs smoother) and I’ve discovered numerous things.

One: Bad food is bad. That % matters. Also my character needs to eat, and shouldn’t overeat. Whoops.

Two: That I cannot be as much of a hoarder as I’d like.

Three: Crime is fucking hard dude. And dangerous. People get really mad when you take their stuff. Also, what the actual fuck is lockpicking.

Four: I managed to figure out lockpicking. Sort of. I opened a door and found a bunch of cool stuff.

Five: I realized that no weak-ass peasant boy is going to be able to carry 200lbs. I also realized that horses don’t like carrying 200lb peasant boys carrying an extra 200lbs worth of shit.

Six: I realized that peasant boys have swords too. But for some reason, this peasant boy was determined to punch like some wandering monk. Also, punches don’t do much to actually kill a person.

Seven: When you punch someone that has a sword, they aren’t going to be very afraid of you. Also, since you’re wearing a sword but choose to punch them instead, I’d like to think that they feel insulted.

Eight: By pressing the magic button, 1, I have learned to draw my sword. My eyes are open. Anything is possible! I will avenge my family. I will steal whatever isn’t nailed down. Plus find a horse. The world is mine!

Nine: Nevermind, I am still getting assblasted. But at least I have a sword out!


sounds like you did not get or don’t read the tooltips :smiley:

Lesoms learned are the most valuable… Enjoy the game… Enjoyed reading your account of the gameplay.

All of those things are what makes this game great. Remarkably enough most commoners with a sword in their hand for the first time could not defeat a band of hardened soldiers. Later in the game you still won’t single handedly defeat a whole band of soldiers by wading into them and slashing - at least I cant.

best combat tip: Bernard is your friend at the early levels. See him often. I find that I can start doing useful things in combat after reaching level 5. By level 10 I can start taking on one armored knight. Even at 20 I am far from invincible, but at least I’m pretty convinced that I will win any 1:1.

I am still lousy with the sword after five playthroughs… I am a demon with the mace. It is interesting, at least for me, that combat is the one variable that does keep changing and that does make the game interesting.