I Found Some Underpants

Just like the titles says…I found some underpants.
I dont remember wear, I think in a a chest but I could have looted them off a peasant, I really do not recall. The point is, I found a pair of underpants, plain white undergarment shorts, and I thought if I put them on Henry would be shirtless with just his shorts on but no…nothing happened. I took off all my clothes, got into my undershirt and shorts, put these shorts on and nothing happened…has anyone else found any underpants and if so, what happened when you put them on? WHY CAN I FIND UNDERPANTS IF I CAN’T WEAR JUST UNDERPANTS!

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I’d suggest returning to Father Godwin for confession, but he’ll probably get drunk and tell the whole village.


Ah good ol Father Godwin, the single greatest and worst thing about drinking in this game…taverns just aren’t the same anymore

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No, you just cannot top that evening with Father Godwin. It’s just not possible.