I hate this game and its developers

I am a huge fan for medieval games. But this game made me so upset.
I was waiting this game but couldn’t play because of the system requirements. Recently, I bought a ps4 and first thing that I have done it purchasing the kingdom come deliverance.

First of all, this is not a game. Call it simulation but this can’t be a game. I feel only anger and sickness while playing it. I am fucking playing 20th times for saving Timmy(or who the fuck he is). It is impossible to kill 4 bandits here. I have even zero clue how I can be able to play this game till this quest without killing a zero man. I was so hyped for combat system which I think it is a good idea but from riding horses to sword fight it is a huge mess. Play red dead redemption 2 to see how the horse ride should be in a game.(it is amazingly smooth)

Do I have to mentioned about fucking bugs ? Even in ps4. Oh man… Can’t believe this team collected 18 million dollar for this fucking crap.

I was a fan of warhorse studio and kingdom come deliverance before I played it. But now, I really fucking hate both of them.
Please don’t develop any games in the future for fuck’s sake.
Thank you.

I FUCKING literally played more than 30 times bandit battle and still couldn’t beat that motherfucker.

I am going to purchase this crap on steam too to give negative comment. Such a nice idea but shitty execution.

It’s 33 now. Fuck you warhorse studio really

Okay I just deleted this crap in my ps4. Huge disappointment.

Sorry, for not having fun…