I just lost over an hour of gameplay in Woman's Lot

because of this stupid anti-fun save system. I am so angry right now, I am having to try very hard not to go off on the devs with this one. I got to the part where you are looking for survivors, and I go through the A-D quests. I get to D, last one I need before going back to the main quest…

Lo and behold, I get killed. Not only do I get killed, I get killed in a complete BS way, and to top THAT off, because this game’s auto save system is completely, utterly, ridiculously moronic, I lose about an hour of gameplay.

THANKS game. Really, thank you. In a game as unforgiving as the Woman’s Lot can be, the damn game needs to auto save after EVERY quest. ESPECIALLY, since unlike the main story where you play as Henry, you have no option to farm Savior Schnapps.

This is ridiculous, and I probably will not be completing this DLC. I actually regret buying it now. For those of us who are adults, and don’t have infinite effing time to redo an entire hour’s worth of questing (much of it a goddamn walking sim), there should be an alternative to relying on a FINITE item to save. ESPPECIALLY in the Woman’s Lot DLC. I haven’t complained about the save system in the regular story, but in the DLC, it is complete and utter garbage.

This needs changed. The game needs to more frequently auto save. That’s all I got, I am extremely pissed right now. At this point, my morale to even continue the main game is shot.


Just download this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/kingdomcomedeliverance/mods/1

Fyi, I finished on Hardcore mode and didn’t need to save many times. I actually got good checkpoint at start of the attack and autosave before the sneaky mines when there were no Cumans. I’m still unfinished on normal mode, but except of obvious parts where you need to be careful, I don’t understand criticizing the save system during this DLC. Band of Bastards was harder. Save system was same there before. Mod your game if you can’t stand losing. If it bothers you to replay just one hour because clearly there was danger and no bs death like you think, you should maybe save more often with what you have. Unless you do crime, there are only Cumans to kill you, so save savior for them.

MAN you make a lot of assumptions, and overall have a really bad attitude. I died from that damn bandit when you go help the guy break into his own house, as he lost his key. Got the gold, hear voices, so I crouch. I see a bandit trying to rob the guy. So, CROUCHED, I nock an arrow while peeking around the corner. SOMEHOW while distracted talking to the guy he’s, you know, MUGGING, he magically hears my bow nocking and charges at me. I am stuck in the house because he and the other guy are blocking the doorway, so I go to retreat. Mysteriously, despite the fact that the friendly is attacking him, he targets ME exclusively. I die, because I somehow cannot outrun a dude in medium armor when I’m wearing CLOTH.

So yeah, it WAS a BS death. And I shouldn’t have to mod my game. Maybe an hour isn’t alot of time for YOU, but most days that is the extent of my play session–so having to repeat that much time is unacceptable. It would be different if I could save at my own leisure, because then it would be my fault if I didn’t save.

But the game starts you off with like 3 schnapps to save (or maybe it was 2, I don’t remember for sure). I just know that I was out, without a way to get more–unlike in the main game, as I said before, where you can farm them eventually. In Woman’s Lot, you can’t.

If you can’t say something constructive, and all you can do is backhand insult me, then you can see your way out. I see this as a problem, as what little game time I have, I shouldn’t have to waste because of arbitrary save mechanics that don’t add a single bit of “realism” to the game; only serve to make it more frustrating than it has to be.

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Bianca will give you savior, you will also get it along the way. You can buy some more in the village. You had to be save scamming. I don’t care how you call it. I played it on hardcore mode, now normal and it isn’t as bad as you state apart from encounters with Cumans.

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I also didn’t have such a problems. You can buy, steal, find or get at least 10 save potions before the attack, if not more. Also, when you see some situation to be risky (or you play long time without save) and you don’t have enough potions, always is there “save and quit” option. You are crying way too loud.
I lost more than an hour of gameplay in main game, but it was my stupidity I forgot to save and got killed in ambush.


I’d say the save system makes me think before I act. That’s realism to me.

I played Theresa now, Bianca has 4:
Furthermore, you can win easy money in archery competition by the river, dice player also had bad luck so I got 130 Groschen within 5 minutes, schnapps costs 107.4 so I can save every time I do that and earn 90 Groschen in the process or do it all at once and keep saviours

I think most people that get this game know about the save system by now. Yet they still come her complaining about it. You have only yourself to blame, next time be prepared, or use your saves more wisely.

The entire game, Woman’s Lot DLC included, requires two things patience and planning. Yes, it is frustrating to lose an hour of game play but think how you would handle the situation differently and approach the game in that manner. The developers of KCD deliberately made the save system the way it is for a reason and , like you I am sometimes frustrated at losing gameplay, I enjoy the fact that the game requires me to think and not just slash and smash.

Exactly. You nailed it.

The people who are defending this atrocious save system, are most likely the same people who fast travel everywhere, just like in real life. :roll_eyes: Fast travel is so immersive and realistic too. :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You truly must be one of the most enlightened person walking the face of the earth. You can insult to those who disagree with you, but whine when others do nota agree with you. I did respect your opinion, but no longer. You are a boor.

Well since you and others like you, love spending all day and everyday just looking to insult the intelligence and opinions of posters that you do not agree with, I just came to do the same to you. How does it feel when the shoe is on the other foot? What a coincidence that it’s almost the same people that attacked my thread just a few days ago, are the same ones attacking this one. This is not a popularity contest, but many of you think so. You can’t take it when the shoe is on the other foot.

This seems to be no different than politics, religion and so many other hot button issues in life, when it does not need to be one. But when people love to pick fights and choose sides, then if I’m around, I will do the same to those troublemakers that started it. Now go find some more posts to attack, since it’s what you like to do here everyday. Why don’t you fast travel there too, just to make it more immersive and realistic. So long cupcake!

Left or Right foot?

How do you put your shoe on the other foot?

I dont know yet but i have unlimited saves so i can try and try again till i do

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I never insult anyone that shows intelligence in their comments. Those that lack civility or common courtesy may get a snippet.

Very seldom do i feel compelled to log on here to actually reply to a post, but OP… you say you’re an adult, then go off on a rant like a twelve year old. Then, because someone has a different opinion, you try to “dismiss” them from the conversation (which never works btw, cause you know… it’s the internet and you don’t have muscled thugs to enforce your rule). People pointed out the only really constructive advice id have already…ie: be more conscious of when you use them, utilize the save and quit function, then restart your game, farm gold to buy more etc. You expect devs to change their product to fit your wants. Learn to problem solve. Is the save system perfect? Hell no. It’s what they gave us though, and after about 300 hours of gameplay, with all dlc included, I’m telling you if you can’t keep a current save it’s your fault. I know it sucks, I’ve lost a complete 50 hour game at one point because i saved erroneously and/or deleted too many saves, and couldn’t go back to where i needed to so had to start over again. It sucks. It happens. People have spent more time focusing on your tantrum than you lost over the original problem lol. Good luck.

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Not everyone is on a pc and can “mod their game”. Besides if a mod has been created to fix the save system then maybe other people think it’s not really fit for purpose.

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