I look forward to playing your game again someday


I was really into your game for a while, but stopped playing due to all of the bugs. I keep checking back in this forum about once a month hoping to see that things have gotten better, but I just see a dozen new topics about new bugs.

I started playing again briefly after the first DLC, but new bugs and disappointment with what that DLC offered pushed me away again. I believe that all of the things I found lacking in the Ahes DLC would be easily fixed with modding support though.

For now I am going to put the game behind me. I look forward to revisiting it in the future, maybe next summer, when I hope all of the DLC is done and all of the old bugs and new DLC bugs are fixed.


with 6 platforms to code for causing a large amount of bug grief and the track record on the DLC’s so far I fear not much will change tho one could hope.


Hopefully by the end of Spring, there will be clean version of game.


Same here… Deinstalled game yesterday
Steam player charts peak 3,933 btw…I guess we are not the only one who left the game -.-


Game is fantastic. But after finishing the main quest once, and then again on hardcore mode there is nothing more to do so people stop playing. I hope they’ll develop next episodes soon. I would also gladly see the map expanded.


They do not plan such things.


Anyway they shall hire a better programmer for the game logic. Non standard player behavior shouldn’t break the game.