I need a save file before BOB dlc with the previous DLCs finished


I broke my save with too many mods now I can’t talk to sir radzig.
I need it before band of bastards DLC, with “from the ashes” and “the amorous adventures of sir Hans capon” dlcs finished.


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the problem with my other save is all of them are broken my last 10 saves won’t let me talk to sir radzig. and I didn’t wont to replay the game again cause I’ve already finished it 2 times.
I just wanted one after the past 2 dlcs so I could complete the game and the new dlc after the point I left it in.
thanks for the save:).


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@gerardfraser: You are using CreamAPI on a cracked Steam version of KCD? Isn’t that a software that allows to activate DLC which you haven’t paid for? WH started as an indy company and worked hard on KCD, they are one of the companies out there that deserves the money the most. If you havent bought the game/DLCs already then you should.

In truth, I started with a pirate copy of the GOG release, but that was well over a year ago and it was alpha and buggy as hell. At that point I didnt feel it was polished enough to buy. But since then I have bought the game and and all DLC, I also plan to be an early backer when KCD2 is announced.


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@gerardfraser: My point is that you should pay if you can afford it, dude. I use piracy as a way to test a game before buying, if I like it then I buy, if not then it gets deleted. So whatever, man, whatever.