I really wish "From The Ashes" had a BIT more depth to it

I finally started rebuilding Pribyslawitz and, while I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience so far, I find certain aspects of it quite shallow.

My specific point of grievance is the Guardhouse. As it stands, there is very little reason to pick the Guardhouse, over the Stables.

I decided to build a Guardhouse, because I anticipated having to deal with crime and/or bandit/Cuman raids. Nope! In the face of province-wide mayhem and lawlessness, Pribyslawitz remains an oasis of safety, guards or not.

It would have been cool if the village had something along the lines of a “Security” rating. With “low security” you could experience diminished income, reputation and happiness from crime, brawls between villagers or supplies going missing due to enemy raids. So you would chose between earning more money, but risking losing some of it down the line, and earning less, but it being more secure.


At the guardhouse you can buy a better bow :slight_smile:

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I agree. If anyone ever made a mod for it, I would be glad. There’s mod for buildings that will enhance rebuilding experience but another thing is creating the story for it.

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Kinda, but the Sinew bow is a clear, direct upgrade of equipment versus the one better horse which is just ok but not better than jenda or the other tier5 horses in any way. Similarly the swordsmiths shop is a clear worse option than the armorers shop. Armor is where you make your money selling loot and warhorse committed the worst sin of all time, the Tusk sword looks Boring and a massive downgrade from the st. George sword it doesn’t beat on stats or the st. Michael’s sword which has higher defense and a far better character model. The boarback shield is nothing special but personal preference for foot combat they look better than the jousting shields.

the combat master and the Archery range add massive utility which completely beat out the stables. More useful than fighting bernard because you can choose enemy difficulty to get some real practice in.


thankyou my issue has been solved