I think a mod screwed up my game files

I installed the optimized graphic presets mod without realized that many people said it does not work on the latest version of the game. It worked, kinda, I felt the fps boost and the quality of rendering, but for me, it made the game look darker so I uninstalling it by using the .bat that is on the mod page. But then I ran into some problems, the wind on the grass was disabled, and the game still looks darker, some of the advance graphic settings are bugged. I uninstalled the game and installed it again, but the problems are still there. And still looks darker. I compared it to some videos on youtube and yes, it looks darker, like the greens. I hope someone would help me. I uploaded some examples

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Did you download the old version, or the updated version? I’m using the updated version. As for your game looking darker, that’s because I believe that by default, the mod puts on the very strong ambient occlusion. The mods global illumination also makes the game darker.