I want my WarHorse Gamberson back!



As you know there is that WarHorse Armor Set in the game. So sadly I lost the Gamberson of that and can’t find it anymore. As I red there WAS the possibility to respawn it with a console command (Item Spawn + Item ID). But WAS is the right term, because for reasons I don’t know or understand WarHorse has patched out most of the console commands.
So can someone help me how I can get that Gamberson back WITHOUT restarting the game?
Thanks in advance!



Go to Nexus Mods website and find the restricted console variables unlocker mod. There you will find instructions on how to edit whgame.dll in a hex editor (pretty simple, only takes a few mins if you follow the directions). Make sure to keep a copy of the oriiginal file in a safe place, in case you need to restore it. Doing this will enable you to use all the restricted console commands that were made inaccessible in the final retail release of the game. Also, if you bought the game on Steam, you might need to run it with the -devmode parameter for this to work.

Got a quick question for anyone that knows the answer:
Does the -devmode parameter work on the GOG version of KCD?

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It is nice and all but isn’t really useful in late game, you will find better.

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@medievalman: I just tested with my own advice, editing the dll and enabling devmode really does unlock all restricted commands. For example, if you edit the dll but start the game without devmode enabled, certain commands like god mode will not work. You can enter the command but it wont take effect. But with devmode enabled god mode will work. The command for it is:
g_godmode 1

This command is thought to be one that doesnt work, but it does if you use both my steps. And I’m not using the “Cheat” mod either, just a plain old shortcut with -devmode appended to the end of the target line, and a modified whgame.dll.

I suppose you could also spawn in whatever items you want if you do it the way I’ve outlined.

One more thing, I don’t see any harm in cheating in single player offline games, but my personal policy is to not cheat in a game until I have beaten it at least once. The first time around I like to play the game the way the devs intended. Cheating does detract from your user experience, so I do it sparingly when I just want to screw around. But for serious play sessions, I don’t cheat.



Thank you for answering. I will try your suggested solution. And by the way, I also agree that cheating in a single player game shouldn’t be an issue, as everyone for himself needs to decide if he wants to cheat or not. Because we all should know that using cheats happens on your own risk, and that’s regarding causing damage to files AND spoiling your game experience. BUT, and that ist the importnat part, you do that to yourself and not to anyone else.



@savvymI know, but itÄs about collection sets and not about the items stats! :wink:



@AnonVendetta Just short Feedback: Your advices work. I might just add 1 thing: If you have chanced the dll (which is a piece of cake, even if you have never used a Hex Editor before) You should create a new Shortcut/Icon on your desktop. Link it with exe of the game and write that path you described in it. Because if you edit the original and write that -devmode in there. I will not start, because it uses a stemcreated path, of which IDK if it is wise to screw with. Just in case something gois wrong it might be wise to keep that, at least that is my opinion.