I want to create MY OWN CHARACTER

I know that the producers have/had a (great) tool to create their characters. you could see this in the developer vid about character creation on the official yt channel. I understand that the devs liked to have a character for their storyline and there was this disscussion about selfmade character or not blablabla but still i would like to creater myself character (at least how he looks like) i could live with that he is henry the smiths son and so on but i though hope we will get a mod soon with which we can finally change henrys appearance. and perhaps the developers give us their character creation tool one day


Maybe you should play with Skyrim, If you want to customize your character. This isn’t that game…


That’s understandable but the developers always made it clear that the protagonist would be Henry and there will be one Henry.

People had to play Geralt in the Witcher and Tommy in Mafia. Sometimes that’s how games go.

On PC, I’m sure a facegen mod will come out .


yea i played skyrim and dont tell me always thats this is not that sort of game it is exactly the kind of game where i like to create my own character. and yes i am sure there will be a mod out a soons as we get finally real mod tools. for me kcd is like skyrim 2 without fantasy aspects

There’s no application that lets you customize, but you can swap Henry’s face, hair, beard and eye color around. You can probably use any face in the game. It’s simply a matter of replacing the files.

There’s no automated way, or noob friendly customization, but here’s a good place for you to start: https://www.nexusmods.com/kingdomcomedeliverance/mods/267

This obviously does not affect the prerendered scenes.

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Yes, devs had a tool. But my guess is, that tool would be pretty much useless in hand of common player as it’s UI is not ecactly “gamey”.
I would love to have my very own superhorse with rockets on sides, adamantium horse shoes, while super resitant to arrow friendly fire into head (yeah, I shot my horse while riding it). But hell it’s pitty, I don’t :frowning:


And what do you want to do with poor Henry?
Change his skin to green or add horns?
No, this isn’t that game where you can customize your character. You couldn’t customize in the Gothic or the Witcher series too, and we love it the ‘unknown hero’ and Geralt too.

On PC maybe have MOD…


sounds like this game isn’t for you. Every damn game has that, go play one of those.


thats like having a movie where everyone can change the main cast. its not sopposed to be someone other. if you want schwarzenegger as spiderman you will have to wait a looooong time too. period.

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There already plenty of games like that, and the good ones are all kinds. KC:D is a much rarer type game. Not all games can be everything to everyone. Simply put… “it’s not that type of game.”

And I completely oppose the concept of the Devs altering this part of the game. Once they start watering the game down to be “just like everything else” it’ll completely lose the appeal that most of us find in it.

If the community comes up w/ a hack and the devs turn a blind eye… I’m actually completely alright with that… but to retroactively add a “be whatever you want” to a completely tailored and handcrafted tale is a terrible idea.

I love me some Indiana Jones and I love me some Lara Croft (both of them aren’t exactly 100% hits and 0% misses, so let’s move on from that pedantic aspect), but wanting to play a different character in a Tomb Raider game would make the game NOT a Tomb Raider game.

To paraphrase… there are already dozens upon dozens of options. Go enjoy those. There’s nothing wrong with being disappoitned that KC:D isn’t your cup of tea, but since tehre are dozens of cups of tea out there and only one KC:D… your request is not one that will exactly gain a lot of sympathy here.

And for the record, yes, I’d LOVE to be able to create my own character. But I also see how having to design a game that is adapted to any character that I might be able to create would severely water down the unique qualities that make KC:D so incredibly appealing. Which is why I said above that I’m all over the idea of an unofficial hack/mod to do this. But I don’t want the devs to change anything at all in the game for this .


I want Kate Moss to turn up at my door tonight with a bottle of Laphroaig and a gram of coke. That’s probably not going to happen either mate :frowning:


I want Barbara Palvin. :slight_smile:

Googles Barbara Palvin.

Yep, or her :+1:

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But Henry’s face IS Henry’s face.
Tom McKay -> http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2168260/

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At least options to customize Henry’s hair and beard. The Witcher 3 has those options.

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It’s not exactly an accurate historical fiction simulator either.

From lack of season variation (snow/fog/hail), to protagonist being immune to disease/inclement weather/environment, to poor NPC interactivity (aka insufficient side/favor quests, joinable guilds in an age where guilds were a staple of life), to no ability to craft/make anything non food related (aka swords/armor/horseshoes etc etc).

If you take the fan boy rose goggles off for a minute, you’d see the OP has a point. KCD lacks addictive replay value the way vanilla Skyrim did. Remove all the fantasy elements (flying fire breathing dragons, magic, elves/beast folk, and other supernatural creatures), eliminate all divine religious intervention, add realistic combat KCD has, and Skyrim would beat KCD on sandbox replayability. Because there is really only ONE way to replay KCD – as the naive & vengeful son of an upper class peasant.

You’re immediately pushed into the inflexible role of belonging to the warrior/knight/fighter class. In case you forget this, the game make sure you spend a good amount of the MQ on retrieving a sword. For a historic NPC figure with whom WH took great license around developing. An NPC who doesn’t give a fig about the damned sword let alone really have any practical use for it other than sentimental value. Then another plot spoiler happens and your protagonist becomes permanently locked into their shining white knight role the game forced on you the moment you fled Skalitz. So the only route to RPing an alternate character in the MQ, is thieving (give or take a couple score murders or so).

Seriously. I can’t believe I had to explain the difference between Skyrim & KCD at this point. You can only replay KCD so many times with that degree of linearity before it gets stale…


Holt Bathgate, I disagree with the replayability you made for one simple reason.

Variety in how to beat quests.

Sure, everything you said about character creation and the fantasy elements are 100% true. But there for being such a big, open world sandbox game, Bethesda’s quests are actually incredibly linear. Want to join this guild, go here, do this, fulfill this, have choice a or choice b, do what you’re told then move on to the next quest. No matter what you do, your hand is held the whole way.

Now, with Kingdom Come: Deliverance it is a little different. I have watched several let’s plays for the beginning at Skalitz, and it’s absolutely amazing how many different ways people found to achieve the objectives. One person knocked out the charcoal burner from behind and stole the charcoal from the pile. Another person threw manure at the Deutch’s house in order to get his friends to help out beat up Kunesh. I personally reported him to the guards at the castle that he refused to pay me and they gave me license to take back what we sold him on credit and it didn’t count as stolen anymore, then gave it to my dad and he gave me all the money I need. Never sold them.

Saving Theresa, some people lefter her behind, some people whistled, I struck the archer from behind then ran like like my butt was on fire to get out of dodge.

Skyrim simply doesn’t have the vast variety of ways to solve quests that Kingdom Come has. Sure, it makes up for that with the character creator and a larger sense of adventure and fantasy in the game itself, but the quests are ultimately quite linear.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, in my opinion, is superior to Skyrim because of this, but that does not mean I don’t understand why some people don’t like it either. KCD is a hardcore RPG that really isn’t meant for casuals.

Now, on another note, awesome name.


I think your misclaim of “KCD doesn’t have addictive replay value like Skyrim” is a misphrasing of "these are COMPLETELY different games"
KCD is highly crafted storytelling. When I played Skyrim (and all TES games going all the way back) I didn’t care about the main quest. The main quest was a generic frame to hang an incredible world on. The POINT of TES is the world. It’s an adventure game.

KCD is a heavily crafted story with many branching elements. Would you read a book and complain that the main character is static? No… because that’s dumb. Don’t do it here. It’s fine if you don’t like this type of game, it really is, but don’t insist that KCD get watered down into genericness because you like Skyrim and other games.

Literally every point you brought up my brain said “it’s not that type of game”.

Remember people who complained that the quests in Skyrim are generic and computer-generated (cuz they are)? Those people are missing the point of Skyrim the same way you seem to be missing the point of KCD.

Please respond to my above comment about Tomb Raider. Do you hate Tomb Raider games because you are forced to play the role they designed the entire game for? Seriously… please answer that… cuz it’s LITERALLY the point being made here.


What KCD does best on the market to date, is giving you a multi variable solution space with which you can achieve your goals and objectives. However, this solution space is finite, by default of the hard coded character creation constraints of the game. So the degree of freedom you have in how and when Henry accomplishes his side quest/MQ related goals is finite.

What I meant by replayability is not replaying the game’s MQ with the preordained character (Henry), by using a limited degree of freedom in how you can approach problem solving your side/MQ related game quests. I meant having an unconstrained sandbox solution space, that would give the player creative alternatives to problem solve. But remain true to the constraint of the game’s lore (in this case the lore is KCD’s historical setting as a realistic medieval simulator). So replayabity for me is NOT about replaying the game by using a limited variety of different tactics to accomplish the same goal. It’s about the freedom I have to achieving the game’s goals/objectives --without being constrained to doing it a set number of ways.

As an example, right out the gate, you’re forced to reply the game as Henry. Sandbox design restriction #1. You can’t respec Henry’s character before beginning another playthrough. But most importantly, you can’t replay the game as a character who IS NOT HENRY. i.e some town beggar, drifter, wandering merc, hell even visiting parish priest. The point: to have the flexibility to experience the tutorial(and gameplay events) as a different character. I’ll explain this in another post. As of now, player is constrained to replaying Henry. Now how does sandbox flexibility improve your game replay value? Given the linearity of the tutorial quest line and your prior game knowledge? Take Henry’s Kunesh quest. You already know you have several ways/tactics to accomplish your overall strategy to complete this quest. Example by:

A.Directly confronting Kunesh (without exploring the other side tasks Henry gets first) limits Henry’s problem solving to:
1.Fail in beating up Kunesh: sneak up behind him, either knock him out, steal his keys and loot his chest
2.Fail in beating up Kunesh: learn first aid (where you get patched up by Henry’s mom). Retry & improve your unarmed combat skill until you succeed
3.succeed in beating up Kunesh: pick right speech option that makes him give Henry his trunk keys
4.succeed in beating up Kunesh: don’t pick speech option to get keys & he runs off for a while. Henry forced to pick/loot Kunesh’s trunk to get the items. Which only works if he has picks (which he needs to steal from NPCs or NPC homes) hard to obtain at this point of game given Henry’s non existent picking/pick pocketing/stealth skills.
A task that could’ve been made more interesting, if the player had been given the option to decide Henry’s skill set in a character creation menu before their 2nd play through of the game.

B.Indirectly confronting Kunesh: if you opted to make Henry help out his friends first, then he would’ve been able to use them to his advantage (if he confronted Kunesh immediately after as you indicated).


Had the WH devs taken a true sandbox solution approach to the KCD game world, they would’ve 1) designed the game play to be more flexible, 2) the game’s environment to be more interactive so that 3) the player could use whatever game world resources they encountered to achieve their goal. i.e. Henry would’ve been able to interact with a variety of objects in his environment (the way he would’ve been able to do in Skyrim).

Concerned Henry is a bit of a wimp after that first chat with his Mom? See all those impressive looking, static tools at your Dad’s smithy forge? How about nicking one before heading out to see Kunesh? Intimidation could prove advantageous. Is Henry finding himself completely unable to beat Kunesh and/or failed in acquiring his Dad’s things? Is Henry becoming frustrated with his gimp combat skills and/or increasingly desperate? Remember that impressive looking item you had him nick earlier? USE IT. Bludgeon Kunesh senseless & take his keys. Better yet, see Kunesh’s axe on that stump over there? Man up and USE IT.

Go the combat route:

1.Dash out Kunesh’s brains with his own axe. Wait until he goes indoors(smarter) or do the deed in the open for thrill of getting caught (where the guard/NPCs are likely to witness the crime). Or before Henry’s friends for the shitz N’ giggles. Then loot his corpse and collect the key. Watch out for that meddlesome guard though.
2.Smash/hack at the trunk lock and have the ability to DESTROY chest’s lock and/or chest with the weapon. Or use other weapons like a hammer etc. Or even trying to use a dagger to clumsily pry it open. etc etc. Be sure to either knock out Kunesh first (or do something to drive him out of earshot of his home, like making him run away).

OR go the charisma route

3.Pay a visit to sweetheart Bianca at the tavern. Sweet talk her into giving Henry a couple half dozen lockpicks
4.Pay a visit to Teresa at her mill (Henry’s dad has her god damned nails after all locked in his chest. Why wait for her to visit?). Because seriously, why can’t Henry leave the village for the immediate countryside outside? Use charisma to get a couple lock picks from her as a favor of returning her nails. If charisma skill not high enough, buy them using the coin Henry’s father gave him. Or run a simple errand/favor quest for Teresa first. Like taking Olena the horse to Henry’s dad for shooing. This way Henry actually GETS HORSEBACK SKILL RIDING EXPERIENCE TO JUSTIFY HIS EXPERT HORSEMANSHIP FLEEING SKALITZ.

OR go the stealth route (because WTH does Henry have to wait until he gets all the way to Rattay to discover thieving FFS?) Realistically, Henry should be frustrated and increasingly desperate by this point if the player opted for a pro charisma build v. fighting skill build. Henry should’ve been able to get the other things he could for his father (like the cold ale). If player had the sandbox opportunity to do #4 above, this would be the perfect point for Henry to tell his father he’d get the rest of his goods from Kunesh the following day. Goes to sleep and then later that night:

  1. Sneaks out the house to do a bit of pick pocketing/thievery. Pickpocket a sleeping Kunesh (and/or other NPCs if Henry is feeling lucky/bold/stupid enough) to achieving his goal. Of course, he’d first need a couple lock picks to enter Kunesh’s house from sandbox ability of #3, #4 or both.
    6.knockout/murder a sleeping Kunesh using Kunesh’s own axe, or some other weapon/smith hammer etc Henry acquired earlier. Loot the chest to achieve the same goal. Either return to bed or spend the night looting/pickpocketing and stealing from sleeping NPCs and their homes.

But for some inexplicable reason, Henry is constrained to having non existent stealth skill (which were easiest to develop in the tutorial). And yet has a horsemanship skill of 1 (despite the lack of any horse access during the Skalitz tutorial). Having to wait until Rattay to develop these survival skills isn’t realistic IMO.

Anyhow, this was the sandbox approach I thought the WH devs would’ve taken in developing goal achievement in KCD. Especially since the player was going to be constrained to replaying the game each time as Henry. At minimum, they should’ve provided these more sandbox game play options. To include the player’s ability to respec Henry’s character stats at the main screen (before starting a new game). But limit this to 1-2 skill points the player could add to the charisma/courage/fight attributes. Whether Henry was successful in achieving the tutorial goals based on this respec would be left up to the player.


Agreed. Yes you can replay the game starting with the MQ using several different tactics. But this solution space available to the player is limited. Having an alternative solution space giving the player the freedom at the start to do what they want, and would’ve made both the Skalitz tutorial and subsequent game play more fun and challenging to replay.

Game should’ve:
1.let Player to respec their own character at the start menu screen.
2.given player some 1-2 game days to let Henry resolve the Kunesh quest if player wanted to go the stealth route. If this isn’t desired by player, the Skalitz tutorial ends the same time it does. Adding this extra game time (unlockable only from Henry doing certain actions or failing quest objectives etc) would’ve allowed the player to improve Henry’s stealth skill set if a more stealthy character build was desired. This would let Henry acquire a n00b lock pick/pick pocketing skill set of 1 at the start. Important as this would come in EXTREMELY HANDY once he got to Talberg (and beyond).

So more sandbox options not only makes the Kunesh encounter/Skalitz tutorial more fun/challenging to play. They also open up many quest solving opportunities once Henry leaves Skalitz. The player wouldn’t have to wait until meeting Teresa’s Uncle in Rattay just to improve this character building aspect.