Idea for dlc(or a mod)

so i got a taste of a fight with an ally earlier today and thought about how nice it would be to be able to recruit mercenaries and the sorts,because lets face it,after a while your gonna have more money then you can actually spend unless you plan on drinking yourself to death everyday,so did a few google searches,no mods do this yet and no way to do it in game and this isnt the first thread that talks about it(heres one of the comments:

“It’s sci-fi. Why? You and only you should do quests. Not your companions. It’s about you as a blacksmither. Not about the others. And also, this recruiting feature consumes a lot of developing time for my opinion. I don’t see any problem grouping with some NPC, like be in a group, but why should I running through the game with some NPC? Doesn’t make sense. But you will have your horse etc.”,and to that i reply “alot of us play on pc,its not the pc master race for nothing,we have options,and lots of them,if you dont want to use that feature you can ignore it,but some of us would like to use that feature because we like having the choice,it wouldnt take that long to develop that sicne the framework is already there,just have to add some dialogue and make it so they can listen to basic commands”
so heres my thoughts on it.
there already seems to be framework to have a “follower” (the quest my friend timmy specifically,one of the mercenaries will follow you until you kill him,which i did because there were too much for me to handle even with some of the games best gear(im not a horrible player mind you,not the best but im good and getting better and better),running didnt solve anything since you dont run fast enough to outrun them,causing me to die all the time,one on one or one on two is fine,the moment theres 3 or more (in this case, 5 iirc) its a shitshow with the camera system and the fact that you get swarmed in a matter of seconds),it shouldnt be too hard to take some character models and re-use some voice lines and add options to “follow me” or “stay here” and make them able to gear themselves up with the money we give them(or we can gear them up oursleves,either way is fine by me)
anywho,if someone could mod this in that would be great,i cant mod for the life of me lol
and then theres the horses
i have only one issue with the horses

whistling doesnt make them follow you,sure they go to where you whistled,but they dont follow you
please make it so they follow you when you whistle,that would be much more immersive then constantly whistling for the same effect or leaving it behind and seeing it spawn in when you press X

Maybe you should write more details on your idea because like this is not worth even considering. Just copy paste what is in the game does not add up anything worth playing with. I do not need burden (companion).

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well for you it might not be wort it,but for someone who wants it,yeah,its worth it.

You clearly skipped the first part. Expand your idea, copying isn’t adding anything. Not worth anyone’s time when it’s in game anyways.

You have the dog now. Be satisfied with that.

Also, your tread is a shit to read. Would be better if you elaborate your idea. WH does not give a damn for fans ideas, and i know this from my own experience in this forum. So don’t even bother yourself with that thinking WH will even read what you have to say.

I love the game they made, but i hate the treatment they gave me in the past and i had many ideas and offered help for FREE because i love their creation, but no you and i are just simple peasants who paid for the game, nothing more.

Ouch. Peasant? Was thinking vagrant

I would not be this pessimist. There’s one person reading customer feedback online, but e. g. Vavra likes to implement his own ideas because he is confident it’s good, and after they finish project, they want to create something new, make new experience. It’s not Bethesda.

@savvym outside of public uproar (e.g. lockpicking soon after release) changes implemented relative to existing KCD content is underwhelming. caparisons still don’t hide the mane even though reported repeatedly since release. and, relative to DLC, Pribyslavitz (ashes) feedback even tempered recommendations (e.g. add heavy heater or bouche with Skalitz design to Pribyslavitz armorsmith inventory) were ignored.

none of that means WH doesn’t listen (Pribyslavitz was expanded beyond what was originally planned because of player feedback) or doesn’t deliver quality content… it’s just that our feedback outside of bugs or widespread discontent isn’t of much consequence in modifying (existing) KCD content

Sorry but i dont know why you all thinking that the improvements of FtA are a sign that WH cares about us all.
They improved it because it was fitting a little bit to her vision of the game concept but in first place it was only made because they want something which can stand right next to other games with House or better City Management. Competition.
Or why they didnt fixed the models of certain clothes like the Cotehardie? Because of that

They are not interested on ideas (maybe for the next) but no, they need go to THQ and doing a lot other things. Hints and informations with tweets and pictures, live streams with no answers. Nothing has really to do with the first KCD!

I dont need a second KCD if my first beloved game was treated bad. What cares me a lot on WH is the fact that they acting today like people from Ubisoft or other Studios. What’s the problem for giving hints about Mod Support? Money? I guess THQ has enough of that. I know, the problem are people like THQ (CEO, CFO?)! Which they belong to now if i got that right. And more funny how they explained in her first days how bad a Publisher can be after giving him rights for the game and now they gaved the Studio to one of these! I dont need a cuted game like STALKER again! What a lucky year that Microsoft/Bungie/343 announced the MCC for PC.

Another example which needs to be fixed and much more improved in detail,
(From Nexus-Mods)

11 July 2019, 7:46PM

Since you seem to be able to make sense of the scripting files, I would love to see a similar mod that prevents the Dog companion from howling every 2 seconds. He seems to do this every time I enter a building and wont stop until I come out. I can’t imagine why WH thought this would be something we would want.