Ideas for bettter gameplay


Its a great game actually amazing… but u should add some content where u can buidl a house and buy properties. Als wbile be able to rum business and steal or become a worker for either blacksmith etc. Uograding armour for the next update as well as more horse accessory better clothing to improve the picklocking shits dfficult asf lmaoo :joy::joy:. Uhm sword play is ver nice decapitating and duel wielding should be part of and arms getting cut off filthy right. And u shouod be able to go to colleges to earn or increase certain abilites … copy and paste this if u want them yk see this idea…ps u shouod add characyer customization… its MrGalloonIHM19 from xbox one and multiplayer


I wan duagons, magicka and becme saviou of the wurld. So I’m waitin fo’ mudding support.


There are already games with dragons and magic galore. I would like to see alternative outcomes for choices made.


i want a mod that replaces all longswords with chainsaws


actually I miss a proper home. So I agree with building/buying a house … it would make the game much more appealing.


Copy it tjen paste to get it mor clout, possible multiplayer :thinking:


And marry Theresa finally! Oh i forgot after i fucked her we don’t even have anything to speak about, i wonder what went wrong?


No multi-player please.


Why not multiplayer. Maybe if u didnt lose equipment after death ?


What system lol, and she wont let me take her out for lunch lol


Well its just a suggestion but i agree noy ass much towards the dragon shit, but more adventures and hands on and scavanging for equipment and more detailed upgrades u cant tell me that wouldny be coool


Tbh, i think they been adding stuff i found a ninja hat and its filthy i aint ever taking it off


Yhird person should be a thing lol



That’s strange. Either you got some rare bug or do it wrong lol.


Include a crossbow weapon choice would be nice. I much rather see more immersive dialogue choices that have on impact on the outcome, with alternative events and results. That is just my two cents worth.