Ideas for KCD2 (if it happens). What want you to see?

So i know, that Warhorse ist working on KCD and the DLCs at the moment, but we can diskuss a little bit, what we want to see in KCD2 (if it happens)
I thing KCD is a genius game (lets ignore the bugs :sweat_smile:), but we all have some points, we are thinkig of, that they are missing, or that they are bad. So what must KCD2 do better?
Also we kan talk about the question, what we will se in the Story. What is possible, what indices we have from the old Kickstarter trailers?
And also of course, what new gamplay mechanics we will see. What would be a cool feature? Maybee the missing blacksmithing, or detailed caretaking about our horse?

So im exited about our ideas

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More armor and weapon adjustment options, possibly blacksmithing.
More developed horseback combat, possibly lock on opponent from there.
Auto saved game when ambushed, so if you die, you can try fighting again.
Keep the same clothes of Henry in cutscene as outside to keep immersion.
More shy animals which react to you being nearby or you shooting them.
Able to roleplay a bad guy, possibly two endings. That depends on how they want to finish the game and if they are planning to continue story after KCD2, however it would be at least pleasant to have more story impact in a form of playing different story on the opposing side.
Increase NPC visibility so that they can see player in shiny armor rustling towards them.

Modding support for KCD1.


They stated recently in a teet/twitch(?) posted a copy here that they are currently not expending a lot of effort on KD2 ATM.
They stated most of their efforts are on bugs and the DLCs A lot of work for their 142 people.

It won’t work, everybody wants something different. We should make a list of features, where each one will get weight according to how many people want it and how much they want it. So that some statistics could be made out of it.

I want a good KCD, which can enhanced more and more by devleopers. New Title will bring new things and will remove knowing features from the first title. That is and will be ever a law. For all the critics of my post. That happens already so that you do not perceive it. Only when someone talks about it.

I’d like to see more versions of armor (preferrably several different styles with the same/similar stats), crossbows, mounted tournaments, protecting a castle against a siege, better clothing physics and uh… that’s pretty much all I can think of right now.

Oh and a solution to the problem with Henry either having reset stats at the beginning of KCD2 or having the same stats as in the end of KCD1, with nowhere to go skill-wise.

I would like to see the city of Prague and its surroundings villages, beautiful forests and fields of the Czech Republic to the forests were in beta. Also an interesting single story with interesting quests.

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Dont think, this is possible. Prague is much to big to rekonstruct for a little team like warhorse. I think at that time the city had about 80000 inhabitants

More gameplay
More graphics

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  1. Repairing equipment in shops and using the maintenance skill should take time. The skill could use the same time wheel as reading, and perks could be learned to speed it up. Different perks for different types of equipment. I’d appreciate the planning and prioritizing this would require.

  2. There should be more variation in armour attributes. Why is it that armour with the highest protection always have the lowest weight and highest durability? I can see that a well made gambeson could have high protection and fairly low weight, but it’s weird that a low protection one weighs twice as much. There should be well made low protection/low weight alternatives. Same goes for chain mails.

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Near the Castle Trosky (this is the castle we are riding at the end of KCD with Hans) ist the castle Valdstejn. This is the ancestral castle of the family “of Waldstein”. A famous person from this family was Albrecht von Wallenstein, the general form the Thirty Years’ War.

I would be very glad to see this two castles in KCD 2

Trosky today
Trosky reconstructon

Valdstejn today
Valdstejn reconstruction


Hasn’t been a patch in a while. Amorous must be one helluva scavenger hunt

I would love to see more of the same. I’d like there to be a port like in the old NCAA, I’d also like to be able to make decision on what our army will do next… kinda be the commander but whatever they do will be great just please make one! Lol

Also maybe the ability to bring a squad to take out bandit camps. Or even recruit people to your army.

Going back to my last post I’d love to see just a continuation of the story. It really felt like Henry and Hans were about to start taking shit over

I say we’ve seen the peasant side of life with KCD, the sequel with all the build up it has from this game would be a grand opportunity to get a perspective on the nobility side of things especially given how good warhorse are at offering different means and methods for achieving your goals. Give the player the opportunity to make difficult decisions at important crossroads and build multiple endings to the story based on those decisions. I’d pay a lot for that.


More graphics and gameplay

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