I'm tring to enjoy this game

I need to rant a bit and maybe just maybe one of you can tell me how i can enjoy this game.
Dont get me wrong. I like this game. Its one of the few games where im really interessted in the story but the combat system destroys all teh fun im having.
Its not that i dont like the system that is in place and that i just want brainless button smashing but for the love of got stop giving me 5 enemy at once while i try to make the main quest.
Im currently trying to find ginger and got the quest from the coalburner to kill the bandits in the woods.
So i go there and it triggers the “get thrown off your horse stuff” and 3 enemys stand infront of me.
Well i cant fight them all at once so i run a bit and was able to get on my horse. For whatever reason they started to flee and i killed one guy while beeing on my horse.
My health was low so i decided to go back to the camp of the coalburnders and catch some sleep. After sleeping for a few hours my health was back up to around 80% and i thought “ok time to kill the other 2 bandits”.
So i go back in the forest and see one of them hiding in a bush. I go near him with my horse (with didn’t bother him) and tried to hit him with my sword. Eventhough i was right beside him i wasn’t able to hit him (My sword went clearly throu him) so i tapped w and my horse decided to throw me off again for some reason. I land on the ground and out of nothing 4 more guys are around me and start to hit me. I cant ride away because my horse throws me off whenever i get on it and i die.
So i restart go there again and 4 fully armed cumans attack me. Needless to say i startet running. For whatever reason one one of the cumans follow me and im able to fight him in a 1vs1 which i win. He kneels and i have the option to talk to him and decide to go with the option to kill him. But instead of just killing him like i expected he just stands up, his mate arrives and they kill me again.

Im lvl 5 and cant do shit.
Do i have to grind sidequest just so i can make the first few main quests?

I just want to experience the storys that KCD tells and have some interresting combat.
But right now i die, reload, try to somehow with a lot of luck win the fights i have to win for my quest, die again, and repeat that until im lucky enough or the ki dumb enough so can progess.
That really destroys the game for me…

If this is ginger in a pickle mission the best solution is to speech check lie and they just tell you where he is. Otherwise you must understand there is only 2 bandits at a single camp you have to deal with. Killing them at night is best option as at least one sleeps and the other turns his back. So with no stealth you can head strike the one resting, and before the other gets up you can kill him too.

The problem you are facing is the woods has 3 bandit camps, and at least 3 spawn ambushes, and 1 battle spawn. So you kind of have to take it easy when you are going through not to run into a pile of enemies. Late game these effects are quite rewarding, early game they suck. Remember rough terrain it hard on enemies chasing you, rivers, hills, cliffs, and bushes really slow down chasing enemies. use the terrain to your advantage. Also using trees in combat as a pinch point helps to, blocks arrows, and keeps a flank covered from enemies.

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practice with Robard. Get good armor and weapons and be able to use the weapon at full spec. never let your stamina drop to less than 1/3. Use poisons on weapons. Never stay in place, keep moving. Use the scout perks to see a fight before it happens. Have the combat perks that help with your weapon.
I have had fight with 8 plated bandits and killed them all. I have even had to run away a bit by calling the horse and galloping out to get a marigold decoction, battle potions and bandages to heal then go back and hunt down the bastards.

If on PC use the robinhood mod for it’s combat perks.

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You can’t practice with Robard if you are doing ginger in a pickle, you should know that.

my bad. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Still need to get the moves after and practice.

Yeah i agree, Robard is critical to the gameplay. It took me 8 hours to do ginger in a pickle had same problem as the original poster. If you don’t know where to go, its brutal to get in combat with bandits in the wood just to try and get the location of ginger.

If you wait a bit( by doing side missions) level up and get perks and a good gear 2v1 isn’t so bad. Especially if you put an arrow or 2 in one before.
Sneaking and backstabbing at night always works too. ( use nighthawk and padfoot potions.)

I totally get your frustration. I felt it too at lower levels. It just felt so clunky and I initially assumed it was just lacking finesse and balance. But I see now that I was wrong.

In summary, the best advice I could give, is not in fact a bunch of specific instructions, more a suggestion to approach this game differently. Be patient. Satisfaction does come eventually.

Once I realised how crap Henry was at even basic combat, I understood that I had to think around difficult encounters. Instead of charging in, or relying on blind luck, I started to place emphasis on speech checks, poisoning, night raids, stealth kills etc.

When things did go wrong and I found myself outnumbered, I just focused on two things: 1. Keep everyone in the mob, in your field of view. Keep moving backwards so they follow you from the front. It’s the strikes from behind that mess you up. 2. Wait for an opportunity to get cheap shots in. Someone comes at you with 3 or 4 heavy hits, they’re depleted for a second or two. Get a stab in. I land so many of those.

I’m now level 16 and I have to say, it’s only now that I’m finding I can win mobs with real confidence and satisfaction. And the great thing is: because you’ve spent so long being crap, being good feels amazing! It’s what sets this game apart from so many others. I hope you stick with it. Good luck.