I'm trying download game

Hello guys,
I have a problem with my CD’s Kingdom Come .
My wifi is sooo bad and for this reason i tried to download a steam version of game from 1-4 CD’s.
Ofc I used a key and I activated Kingdom in steam.
1 CD is installing 0- 1.5 GB
2 CD 1,5- 3 GB
3 CD is installing very bad and slow and only 3.0 - 3.2 GB
4 CD install nothing and when I put it in CD room 5 seconds later steam start download a game from wifi and i have progress only 3.2 of 50 GB.

I tried add in steam properties " -install F:"
Please help me because i have only 40 GB wifi for a month:( and i want to play this fantastic game.

afaik you cannot install from CD. You have to download from steam. Or epic if u have bought from Epic