In defense of a dog named Mutt

I like Mutt. He’s, ummm, enthusiastic and, uhh, curious. He is also very loud. I find that I can tell him to ‘stay’ when in towns and when I sleep. He will lie down and sometimes sleep so I don’t hear him yowling all night.
If he is tripping me all over the place the ‘free’ command lets him explore and get the frick out from under my feet.
Mutt can be a great help hunting. If I’m on a hunting quest I can send him off on his own. I get to the right hunting spot and tell him to hunt. He is always sent for hare but will hunt anything, then I can hunt on my own or wait. He can take down hare, red deer, roe deer, and boar. He will bring you hare but the large game not so much. Instead, Mutt will sit by his prize and begin hollering at you to go pick up your loot. His icon (a dog head) shows on the compass.
He has a ‘sic’ perk to attack the enemy but is still a coward so amp up his courage as much as you can.
“there’s a good doggie! That’s my boy”