In God's Hands - No Speech Options

So I accidentally started In God’s Hands before the main quest line would have taken you there (which I don’t think should be a problem) but the conversation options with Father Simon, The Executioner and Brother Nicodemus don’t appear. I’ve already spoken with all the patients and Johanka again afterwards.

Father Simon hadn’t been rescued yet so I did Man of the Cloth and now he’s back in Rovna but I only have the option to pickpocket him.

The Executioner doesn’t have the option to talk about resetting bones - I had previously passed a speech check to send him to the Miller - so he commented on that, and then I spoke to the Crying Woman and was able to engage with him on that. But now I just get the option for training

Lastly, Nicodemus doesn’t have the option to talk about insomnia (weirdly all the flavour conversations RE: the sick were there, I had high enough First Aid to change the bandages so not sure about that one). Though you can work around this by just creating Lullaby without the recipe (This isn’t possible for the Artemesia for Philip because you can’t talk to him). Not sure if it’s relevant but between seeing the patients for the first time and going back to him I completed Weeds.

Probably just have to resign myself to failing this Quest as I know it’s on a timer :frowning: