In Gods Hands Quest Bugged


So during In Gods hands I help 3 of the people before the custodian comes and throw me in jail. when i return to Johanka she says the line whats that suppose to mean atleast he was here. you guys claim an amazing AI but A- She was standing right there when he trhu my but in jail B- I just saved 3 people and forgot all about it. This kills the immersion and goes against the AI you brag about so much that it has to be a glitch this is some Mass Effect Andromeda level dialogue mistakes here. Its not the only time tho the Balif of raaty is also a total dick after helping him out and it also breaks your immersion in the story COME ON GUYS. these are so bad they have to be bugs can you please fix them. i am not the only one who feels like this there is an entire redit on the subject.


So i post a link to the redit page and it just post the pic WTF!!!


I didn’t get thrown in jail, I let him mouth off (speech not high enough. When it is you can make him have a banquet there with the sick) and I helped 6 people(one with a quest).
She can’t help you as you want. You don’t understand the situation she has to deal with.
she lost her temper once and now a there is a guard outside. What I read is someone who didn’t really read the situation and complains they didn’t get their way.


Lol. I understand you want to feel yourself special, but this is a part of her character
Yet there’s a better ending that you failed to achieve


No i want it to make sense you have been helping her up till then saved 4 people grew up in the same village as you and stands right there to witness him throw you in jail and she doesnt care it doesnt feel right. No person would act that way!


I read the situation right i help 4 people, got her blankets, grew up in the same village, and she stands right there and witnesses him throw you in jail. Its not that i didnt get my way screw you guys. Its that the DIALOGUE doesnt make sense. Its fine if I fail but she shouldnt say “at least he was there” cause you HAVE BEEN! that is that part that doesnt make sense. you guys are just proving how toxic the KDC community is thanks!


so toxic. luckily i slept in the bed in there right before fixing the dudes leg before the A hole came in and threw me in jail for two days for trying to protect her. reloaded and kept my mouth shut. she was quick! I tried to follow her to the banquet but i lost her. He just went to his locked home. I wanted to knock him out so badly.


I later robbed him blind and his and his helpers clothes.


ya it is the times I have been called stupid, told i am just winning, that I am wrong because i didnt get my way when thats not the case, that my opinions dont matter, to shut up, ya that makes a toxic community.


I am planning on doing that right now. i just dont think the dialogue fits her character considering all you did up till then and the past you to share.


that was said in my original post. I am not upset about not getting my way guys. If you had actully read it then you would know that “I GOT MY WAY” with the Balif him being a dick comes after you complete the quest. So its not an I didnt get my way thing. Instead I seriously dont think the dialogue matches whats happening at many times in this game. By sitting there saying I am just mad cause I didnt get my way is being toxic, and its not having a conversation. You guys can just keep telling me I am mad that i didnt get my way tho and be those kinds of people.


So you guys are the ones who just want to make yourself feel special by coming at a person like that! PISS OFF!


You have to understand that Johanka don’t owe Henry anything
And she’s in a rough situation
And when she says Henry wasn’t there she refers to the fact that he’s been in Rattay or wherever else while refugees were dying in Sasau all this time. Maybe he’s not to blame, but scapegoating isn’t new to people
And I guess Henry just annoys her as a person and she has some weird attachment to that a-hole with moustache
But hey, you were too butthurt to understand all that, because you didn’t get laid with her in reward for helping couple of refugees
This is not your opinion, this is you misunderstanding things and calling them ‘bugs’