In Retrospect



It has been almost a year since release, and it’s been a tumultuos one at that, for me.

Allow me to explain my own gaming habits first:
I do not play that many games and there are long stretches of time, where I just don’t feel like gaming.
A game has to spark my interest, and if it is any good, I will play it, and play it A LOT!
Generally, I have come to apreciate RPGs with a story the most. On the Other hand, I tend to play these games once, and rarely ever do a complete second run, or even successfully start an attempt, as playing the game and character diffrently feels “wrong” and playing it the same way is a bit “same-same”. I often keep logging into the world, roaming the streets of the towns etc., but mostly, it is the initial playthrough, and that’s it.
Still, these RPGs linger on, memories of the stories told and moments ‘lived’ in those games.
Very slowly, they fade into the background noise of a busy life, until something triggers a memory…

Well, There are very few games that truely achieved this for me. Chief among them Mass Effect with a badass Cmdr. Sheppard.
Then The Witcher III. Excellent games, and many meaningful moments.

And after that lengthy detour, I’m back at KC:D.

I just had a chat with a coworker about games and somehow KC:D came up.

I remembered the great fun I had with the game. On the ride back home, put the soundtrack on the cars soundsystem and after a loooong time, listened to the familiar sounds of KC:D.

Kingdome Come IS a very worthy title in the very short list of games,
that truely touched me, had an impact, and were an experience I wouldn’t want to miss.

Sure, it had it’s issues (though less for me than many others) but there is soo much to love!

I absolutely loved and love the beautiful and plausible world, the landscape of bohemia, and the attention to detail. The gorgeous sunsets over the Sassau, the scuffmarks on the murals near the stairs in a village church, the horse dung and garbage piles, … I adore the world, and kept coming back for short digital vacations of hunting for a long time after completing the (core) game.

I apreciate not saving the entire world.

I like how you conceiveds henry, not as a mountain of muscle with a dark and brooding voice, but an average joe with a normal voice, silly at times, dumb in other moments…like the average guy next door, yet not a ‘broken’ character, but a good guy, despite his flaws.

I liked the story, and there were countles moments I love to bits in this game.

And I personally find the ending to be perfect.
The whole time getting back henrys sword is the overarching primary objective, though Henry keeps getting side tracked.
Yet unlike with most games, Henry does NOT get the Sword by the End. And The Ending with Radzig is my favourite moment of all, with him setting Henry straight, in no unclear terms, but still compassionate, on how that sword is just a thing, and what REALLY counts in life.

The Game left a mark, and has a special place in my heart.

And for that, I’d like to say


Warhorse Studios.

Thank you for your vision, your resilience and the great game you made. The great Art and Designs you put in, the Details, the Research, the writing and not least the absolutely beautiful Soundtrack.

If I have a lull in life, that affords me time and muse to do some gaming, I’ll go back to Bohemia, for sure…


PS: the only thing missing on the soundtrack, is some of the music, especially in the monastry, including the chants.


I am the same way almost when it comes to replaying an rpg like the witcher 3 and kingdom come, mass effect and dragon age. but i tend to play through them at least two to three times over the course of 2 years after initially buying and completing them.

i am on my second play through of kingdom come, despite not being able to finish it the first time due to issues. it would appear that i may have to abandoned my second play through currently due to the same issue under a different circumstance. :sweat_smile:


I know they aren’t for everyone, but many people like to use mods to keep that ‘spark’ alive sometimes for many playthroughs. They add new content, a different way to play (example mods for polearms), a different look, etc.

If there is a modders resource available from devs, these people can spend way more time improving things like the look of weather than devs could ever dedicate. I often wonder tho if devs get jealous when modders improve the game in that way…


Unless the mods ad a ton of story, they are window dressing for me, to be honest.

I am amazed what modders can and will do, and have some mods in several games, it is just that it does not change the basic principle of how I play games.

I only mourn the fact, that there has not yet been, nor will there likely ever be, a game like KC:D, that is set in the 17th or 18th C.

If I hat the money, I’d have Warhorse or someone recreate the town I have been living in for many years, as it was in the gilded age of the 17th C, as best as possible, and would hope to make a language version in the period and regional proper language… (subtitles available of course :wink: )

The north sea are and culture and the 17th C setting are not currently used as a backdrop for great gaming or films, which is a sad thing.


WH and the Three Musketeers! That would be something to look forward to… Unfortunately most of us know how it ends…


Not so much the french ‘musketeer’ shouting ‘Haha!!’ and a more grounded experience including actual, well, muskets.

there are a number of stupid films done in the 60s and 70s in france about the ‘thee musketeers’…and I find them generally terrible :stuck_out_tongue: