In story will we be able to acquire titles?

Can’t wait to play :slight_smile:

Like a Lord? No.


In Kingdom Come: Deliverance you are Henry, the son of a blacksmith.

You migt become a knight at one point but no… You are a commoner serving the Lord.

Maximum is to be a squire. Knights are closed ring of people.

And, ps-s-s, don’t spoil to people. :wink:

Well yes but by act III who knows ?!?! Plus Squire is a knight candidate btw.

While being incredibly hard to achieve it was potentially possible for a commoner to become a knight, although most couldn’t really be a knight because they hadn’t the money for it… But since this is a game and it wouldn’t be that non-historical I could definitely see Henry becoming a knight at the end of the game. But nobody should buy the game expecting that because it could also very well just not happen.

It could be interesting, I dont know how this people did to get the Sir title :frowning:

So I can purchase armor, join large scale battles and skirmishes with other knights. Wear full steel plate armor and I still wouldn’t be considered a knight? Wrong! Henry becomes a knight, case closed :stuck_out_tongue: or a thief…perhaps an assassin. Hell! he can be whatever I want him to be…it’s an RPG! :joy:

Being a fighter with plate armour doesn’t make you a knight, it only makes you heavy infantry… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Comđoners could be knights only if they were taken by the Lord or another knight. Also sont forget that in 15th century knighthood isnt exclusivly a military thing, so most rich commoners like merchants, court advisora and sometimes scholara would be knighted

You can acquire ears. That’ll do.

(They were in the late alpha and beta as an optional objective).

Everyone in the game towards the end says “I’m glad that a knight such as you takes an interest in me” not sure about the actual things that made a knight, but I think at this point Henry is considered at least a knight

Sometimes it sounds like a joke.