In the Cloister quest - it is the best

Hello! No spoilers here! I just wanted to share my opinion on this particular quest. While rest of the game is quite good, this Cloister is freaking awesome. I did it several times from scratch just to see how it goes and I loved it anytime. The feeling of being a “monk” in a medieval monastery is quite amazing. The “detective” line is rather weak, but having to comply with monastery daily rules while doing your primary job is very interesting. Once you get into this quest be sure to make a separate gulp of Saving Schnaps so you can feelium through it several times (many ways to complete the quest, as most quests in this game). Somebody be praised!


Like your comments. Bless you friend.

In my opinion this is one of the best quests ever put into an RPG, so detailed, so many things to do in it, so much work that had to go into it. Is it perfect? No, but it is extremely ambitious which is far more valuable.

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