Infinite Load Screen *Spoilers*

When you go to defend the talmberg trebuchet and kill the bandits the load screen after that has been running for close to three hours. This is the third time if closed the application and restarted to play the same battle over. I’m on Xbox hope you guys can help this is a wonderful game and you guys rock!

I also have the same problem, did you manage to fix it?

Delete old saves that you don’t need only have under five saves that freed up enough that the game worked

Thank you for the quick reply, but unfortunately it didn’t work.

Same here mine is stuck has been for a week

Stuck at the same spot as well. I have completed the ‘Defend Trebuchet’ quest, received 575 groschen and now i am stuck loading the next cut scene. Tried several times loading from different points in the game. No luck so far

The patch that came out today fixed it.

As of 11am PST i haven’t seen any updates for the XBox and just tried it again with the same result.

partch didnt fix this problem, it kills only more savegames. and freez your loading screen if you try to load another save without quitting the game. nice work if wh would pay braindead programmers, bad work if there are profis in the studio :wink:

Same problem for me just now with part where you talk to the priest in the pub :frowning:

I still havent seen the patch

What version of the game are you playing?

sorry, haven’t been on.

This is still happening in Sep 2020 :see_no_evil: