Infinite Loading (PS4)

So… I’ve done about 24 to 24.5 hours of progress and when I used a Savior potion to save just in case I killed the two bandits with the quest Playing With The Devil. I somehow managed to kill said bandits with the bludgeon, no idea how, but I thought “No biggie, I can reload and try with my fists instead.” And low and behold, I’m getting a infinite load screen or the infamous “Game Load Failed” message. I uploaded my data to the cloud, tried reloading from that point again and same issue. Tried several saves before, and same issue persisted. I deleted all saves beforehand, and tried loading the save and nothing happened. Same “Game Load Failed” and infinite loading screen… I love the game, but game breaking bugs like these just frustrate me.

Same shit here. Cant load a savegame. Played 43 hours. I am really pissed off. Warhorse has to patch this quickly or i want my money back. REALLY PISSED

Yeah, I’ve played for about the same time 43 hrs or so.
Now I can’t load any of my save games - (Loading screen Bar fills to about a quarter of the way then gives up.) This is really disappointing.
I can’t think of any other entertainment form where this happens. By rights this is a faulty product I’ve spent good money to play this game and now it’s unplayable. Very frustrating, especially because it’s a good game. Are we going to get a fix for this soon? How long will we have to wait?

So that little 1.04 Patch today did nothing to help me, I supposed it wasn’t designed for that purpose.
I can’t play my game. Nothing will load. Is this ever going to be cleared up or should I be looking at a refund. My game is broken. If there are any tips anyone can give for how I could fix this myself It would be appreciated. This is very frustrating.

Same here… I have emailed Warhorse about it.
Im almost 100 hours in and this started yesterday… During save (sleep och saviour snapps) i get the infinite loading screen.
I cannot continue the game til its fixed…

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Did they Email you back. You’d think they’d have people on the forums to help with this situation - or give us some info at least.

Actually they did! They asked me if i could email them my save files from my PS4 which i just did. I had to save them to a usb drive and then zip the files and email it all to them. But they instructed me well on what they needed. Just emailed it to them a moment ago so probably they are taking it seriously and will look into it.

Has any of you managed to contiue the game or find a way around this yet? i am still waiting for Warhourse to get back to me about my save files i sent them on wednsday.
Until then i cannot play the game… =(

My game Is Still not working, I’ll try get a refund this weekend, if not I’ll trade it toward the new far cry or something, it’s a pity.

I have managed to work around this by simply abandoning that particular quest. After doing so i havent had any problems with this.
This game has alot of bugs indeed and it can be frustrating. But after all in total, this game has been one of my best gaming experiences in a long time for me.

Got my refund. Playing Far Cry 5 now having lots of fun. My faith in Warhorse is non-existent. I won’t be buying another game of theirs, I was looking forward to KCD for years, and WH screwed me. Good riddance.

If you are playing on ps4 i have found something that may work in some instances. If the loading screen is occurring after a conversation, wait until the last sentence is being spoken by Henry or whoever else hes speaking with. Right before the conversation ends press the ps button and give some time to ensure the dialogue has finished then press the ps button again. This worked for me as i was stuck at the part where you have to talk to radzig at the overlook near talmburg.

Thank you for this suggestion. I’m currently getting the infinite load screen after the conversation with radzig at the lookout too. Currently reinstalling the game to see if that fixes it, if not I’m really hoping your tip works as I am throughly enjoying this game!

I can personally confirm that the previously suggested tip works and I was able to get past the stuck loading screen at the expense of missing out on some dialogue. I hope devs will prioritize patching these game breaking bugs!

Yea its quite a shame really. Amazing game but its so buggy and glitchy. I just finished the game and the story was well written. Ending also leads me to believe in a sequel. Honestly a masterpiece of a game if it wasn’t for the terrible glitches but i hope if a sequel is released it will have the same writer and historian but with more time spent on the functionality of the game engine itself. I was pissed about all the issues but if warhorse is planning on a sequel they can keep my money just to fund it. Anyway glad this worked for you. Enjoy the game and dont rush to the ending.

Same problem here i am haveing a endless black load screen at the quest cold blood hot steel aftwr the patch 1.04 emailed warhorse aboit it before and they said be patient now this update and still havening the same endless load screen and I cant progress any further in the game sucks becuse I do enjoy this game Come on warhorse help us out…

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I’m having the same issue and I’ve had it since the version before 1.91 and since this latest patch. If you’ve had this problem since way back then and this bug breaks the whole game since its during the main story it’s amazing they haven’t fixed it yet. When I emailed warhorse about it they responded telling me that a fix was coming soon. I asked if it specifically fixed this bug and how soon and they only said that the fix is coming very very soon. Then 2 days later this latest patch came out and it’s still not fixed. This is ridiculous. How long does a game breaking bug need to exist before theyll fix it. I could understand if it was a side quest. I’d just not do it. The main story though and right when it’s getting to the big fights at the end. I’ve even tried going back to older saves and replaying hours of game time to see if the issue still happens and it does. No matter how far back I load a save from. Do the dev’s even read these forums and do anything about the issues?