Infinite Loading Screen during Siege quest. Patch 1.9

After patch 1.9 and the instalation of the Women’s Lot DLC I encountered a infinite loading screen during the siege quest. This occurs right after the construction of the trebuchet is finished, and the 3 cutscenes play out. At the end of the 3rd cutscene the game just goes into the infinite loading screen.

Same here. I already tried rolling back to previous saves, but it didn’t help.

Have the sme issue as well on PC

I just did these quests and did not encounter this issue. I only started playing with 1.9.2 and all DLCs and had very few bugs, none gamebreaking, in my 180 hours hardcore playthrough.

Same here. Version 1.9.2-404S with all Addons

same problem… Version 1.9.2-404S with all other dlc than Women’s Lot

Found a workaround: install the Cheat mod from…, when it gets to the infinite loading screen, open the console with ~ and type “cheat_save” and press Enter. It should print a message that the game was saved. Restart the game and load the latest save. It should put you right after the buggy cutscene.

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WORKED! Thanks alot!