Infinite loading screen (Questions And Answers quest)

When talking to Sir Radzig after completing the “Questions And Answers” quest, he says “don’t go yet, there’s something I want to talk to you about”. Then the screen goes black and is stuck at a loading icon forever. I have tried three times and it happens every time.

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Also having this issue, I’m on Xbox One. I’ve read that this happened a lot some time ago for PC players, but the workaround was to talk to Sir Radzig before questioning the bandit as well as after. I’m hoping to try this tonight as this issue happened to me late last night. Very frustrating!

Can confirm, i spoke to Sir Radzig at his camp between Merhojed and Talmberg, which starts a different diaglogue that I think the game expects you to have had before you interrogate the bandit. Then I went to speak to the bandit, imprisoned him in Rattay, and went back to Radzig to tell him and the cutscene that should start after “there’s something I want to talk to you about” begins perfectly fine.

The response from their support email was “try to talk with him later, that should help. When he is any different spot.”

Does he actually move around?

Regardless, I’ll try the suggestion of loading an older save and doing the bandit interrogation first.

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I ran into this problem as well seemed to be because I had a mod installed I deactivated it then it worked hope this helped

I have this problem on xbox one x.

This solved the issue for me. I was trying to talk to him at night. I waited until daytime and the cutscene finally played.

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Same here. I was having this issue. I then reported to him after he started leaning on the tent pole NE of Merjohid, and it didn’t hang - the scene ran fine.

For those Who like me have already done this but anyway get infinite loading screen, just ask ser radzig “what can i do for you sir?” A quest will ne activated and then go to “merojed” dialogue line.
Worked for me