Inn keepers don't want to talk to me in the morning

Hello, so I was supposed to meet Hans Capone and go hunting together, but I am overburdened, so I went to the north inn, waited for the two ladies to wake up, wash and start cooking, but I still only have “steal” choice and no talk possibility! It’s 6:20am already.
EDIT: so I figured they were making breakfast for themselves. I followed them to the room upstairs, the door closed behind me and there is no way to open it, so now I am with them in the room watching them eat :smiley:


You might want to unburden yourself of being weighted down by placing your loot into the chest at the millers residence (holds all your gear where ever you go in the world. You will find these chests in INNs that you rent for a day or own. Or just sell it all for a profit at any of the traders that are found in and around the towns or wandering. Tjis is new to me, I have never been locked in the INN. So this is unusual. When you approach the door, you can’t ‘open’ it? Wow. Was breakfast fun? I feel a bit hungry.