Insane lagging on xbox one 1.9.2

Platform: xb1

Version number: 1.9.2

The issue: The short version is that after I got the update/patch last summer, 2019, it started lagging a few hours into the game. This hasn’t stop and it becomes worse and worse. It gets to the point were it’s totaly unplayable.

Besides from lagging, sometimes I cant buy things from merchants and shopkeepers. When I get to the “trade menu” I can’t see Henry, there’s just like a dark silhouette, and I can’t switch from the buy menu to the sell or basket menu.

The worst problem is the lagging though because that’s what makes the game unplayable.

The wierd thing is that the game worked perfectly fine until this update/patch and I’ve tried to reinstall the game several times but to no success. After a few hours it’s starts lagging again.

I’m guessing that there’s several reports about this and I apologize if there’s information about how to solve this problem out there. It’s just that I haven’t found any and this is my absolute favorite game of all time wich I haven’t been able to play for almost 1 year now. I need to know if there’s something I can do to fix this or if I’m better of letting it go, accept that it is what it is and stop nagging google about it.

All help is extremly appreciated