Interest in Historically Accurate Games


Hi All,

I’m new to the Kingdom Come: Deliverance experience. I’ve read through WarHorse Studio’s history, KCD’s development, and critical/community based reviews.

I think the game is A LOT of fun, but yeah - there are some issues. My favorite part of the game is playing something that is historically accurate. Currently, I’m trying to think of more examples of this sort of gameplay.

Did you fall in love w/ KGD because of it’s historical backbone? Are you currently playing any other games that are grounded in historical accuracy?

I found this prototype alchemist game that looks like it’s taking a stab at historical accurate gameplay, but its gonna be on mobile & forever away from looking interesting.


I think KCD is a great game because it strives for historical playability. There are deficiencies in realism and technical delivery, but not enough to threaten core product quality.

The core limitation of KCD is the fundamental conflict between what happened in history versus what players want to do. To deliver on historical realism and open world RPG compromises have to be made. Mods could potentiate great things but that’ll be lost on console users even if WH rolls out good dev tools


Yeah, this is a great point.

“What happened in history versus what players want to do”


This is not historically accurate, it’s fantasy, but let me recommend the “Gothic” series. Even with the fact that it’s fantasy, you can’t compare it to other conventional fantasy games. Gothic is very unique and has a believable, realistic touch. No elves and all that. The setting is rough and murky. You are no superhero with a strong armor. You are a weak person, a normal guy thrown into “the colony”, a dangerous place where you have to earn your first armor hard. Gothic doesn’t throw 10 swords to your feet at the beginning. You have to start with everything you can find laying on the ground somewhere. Gothic has fantastic quest design. No compass or mini-map! The fantasy part is unlike most other RPGs very minimalistic. The world feels organic, not just like a video game. There are by far more consequences than other games have. Gothic is not an action game where the goal is to kill monsters and get stronger. Indtead the goal is the exploration, the very immersive world deep on atmosphere and an excellent story telling.


not sure what you mean by ‘all that’ given the presence of orcs, lurkers, goblins, magic, etc in the game


Not really it being historical accurate but rather realistic approach, not realism per say, I like logic in games, especially options to solve problems different ways, when you do quest your own way and I do not like linear games or even open world games where you have to do certain things to proceed, here I feel freedom of choice, though there are moments you can not go behind the quest, you just stick to it, few moments, but worth being so linear or limited to certain area.


The debate of historical accuracy is somewhat moot. There is a balance between playability and realism. KCD is set in a historical time period, weapons, technology and structures are historically accurate (to appoint). It is a game designed to be enjoyable and playable. Those objectives are met (IMHO).

To debate the historical accuracy of a role playing game will always end up that the game is not totally historical accurate. It would be impossible to truly create a game on the scale of KCD that is 100% historically accurate, the game would be unplayable. If you want historical accuracy and realism then I suggest you get involved historical reenactment.


Exploration as a main mechanic gets me SO excited about games. Don’t get me wrong, i love combat. But it seems like there’s way to play otherwise.


So do you think sacrificing historical accuracy for play is necessary??


What is historical accuracy?

Take as a starting point the comment by the bailiff in the Rattay Rathaus: the lives of the commoners arent recorded. They were largely if not almost entirely illiterate, and the narratives about them are often motivated (biased). The archaeology about them can be thin (sexier to get grant money to dig up castles than to get money to use landscape archaeology to identify areas suspected to have peasant domiciles). Much of what WH created is educated guesswork; Daniel said as much in his Dragons talk. Most people in Bohemia and elsewhere during medieval times weren’t nobility. So, what is one to be accurate towards?

The credibility and believability of us playing in the manner we can and do in KCD hangs upon a very thin thread … Henry being a bastard of a noble


So very true of most sites. Peasants/workers sites don’t give as much notoriety to an archeologists career to get funding as a King/pharaoh/ Warlord/Emperor palace.


I do not recommend this game. It’s not as accurate as they claim. Hitting a guy in the face with an arrow is not going to just cause him to go “oof” and then keep coming after you. In the breastplate, sure, but the face? Come on. They got all their fight mechanics from Monty Python and the Holy Grail rather than anything real. Because if I get hit a guy six times in the head with a hammer, helmet or not, his brain will be mush and he’ll start seeing doubles. But no, not this game. He just says, “I just got hit in the head with a hammer. But it got better and now I’m coming at you full force.”


I don’t know what arrow you’re using but when I hit a guy in the face he goes down. Took out Runt that way.
This game kicks ass for historical accuracy.
Combat accuracy might be a different issue - or maybe your combat stats are too low, or your weapon not powerful enough?


A yew bow (77) and better piercing arrows in the face usually does the job. Tho I use my modded Capon’s bow @100 for real war bow action.


I have hundreds of arrow head kills with Cuman (72 or 74) bow as a horse archer so your description doesn’t align with my experience. Not in normal and hardcore. Not against Italian/German bascinets and other helmets

Been a while but in hardcore, over 10% of all my kills are headshots


There’s a huge difference in fantasy between Elves and other, more believable creatures. Elves are high fantasy with flowers and bees. Orcs or Goblins are rough fantasy depending of the art design.


:joy::rofl:… that makes as much sense as foreign invaders famous for their equine-related battle tactics giving up their mounts after murdering, raping and pillaging some of the locals


Yeah I allways imagine Noldor fighting with Melkor with bees and flowers…


There will always be a sacrifice in historical accuracy for playability. Take for example the dynamics of firing an arrow, it is not as simple as puling back on the bow string and letting loose. It takes training, and a lot of training. No one would want play a game if they had spend hours just learning to use a bow and arrow. The same thing applies to historical accuracy, the time to prepare a meal, the entire combat environment of a game. KCD does a good job in giving a historical flavor and making things logical for the historical period. I appreciate that they avoided magical nonsense and kept thing semi-real.


Agree w pretty much everything except for this. Yeah, you’re not training on finger placement and draw mechanics, but it takes hours of game reps to get Henry up to shooting Cuman 74 bow w accuracy and precision (esp on horseback). To me, it’s the most distinctive aspect of KCD. Other games may have attribute reqs to shoot higher level bows, but they don’t have the wobble etc that you do in KCD. Hope WH retains and further develops this