Into swords?

What types of swords are you into? Do you practice martial arts or test cutting?

My favorite is the XVIa longsword (Oakeschott typology). It was the longsword most commonly used during the 100 years war. Feels very nimble and well balanced.

I really liked the aesthetics of the XIIa(Knightly sword) but did not care for how it felt in hand. Nothing else comes close to the XVIa for me but the XVIIIb is what im eyeballing next.

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The sword I’ve had the longest, and I’m most comfortable using, is my XII. Well suited for cutting and occasional thrusts. I’ve wanted a XVII for forever, for the flexibility that hand and a half brings.

At the moment, I’m rehilting an older blade to turn into a XVIa…need to get some more fuel before I can finish forging the hilt and pommel. That’ll hold me over until I get around to making or buying an XVII.