Inverted mouse in combat - not good

After the last patch, the small 5-pronged UI you use during combat to choose the direction of your attack, was changed: It became (vertically, but not horizontalley) inverted if you use inverted mouse for looking around. This is a disaster. It does not conform to the norm ppl are used to, and does not feel intuitive or natural.

Please change this back, or implement an option to use inverted look, and not inverted combat UI. I consider the game unplayable as it is now. It would be too bad if this would to ruin such a great game


Agree. Please change back or post workaround.

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I have not even noticed this. I play all first person games with inverted mouse, and I can tell you that if this was not an option, I could not play a game at all. People who like one way or the other don’t understand why changing the mouse the way you play is so important. It can be a deal breaker in any game for me. And I’ve actually had to walk away from a few games after a few minutes of playing because of no options to change the mouse (Riders of Icarus comes to mind). Hopefully a future patch can address this, even though I haven’t noticed and I absolutely love the combat in this game.

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I wouldn’t have had a problem with it if only I hadn’t already played 100 hours with the old setup… Changing it now without adding a setting is like hardcoding S for forwards and W for backwards. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This just made all complex combat unplayable. Why would you invert the 5star combat system when it was working fine ? Give an option to allow “un-inverted combat” with inverted mouse, or change back to how it worked before please. Why was this changed ? Who would use inverted mouse and then use all opposites for the combat ?

Has there been any movement on this? The game is actually pretty unplayable for me at the minute because of this.

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I agree. Please change this back or make it optional - or at least tell us where in the game files this setting lives. If it was easy enough to change for v1.3, it should be easy enough for us to change it back…


The thing I’ve started doing is once I lock in on an enemy, I pause, go to settings, and revert my inverted mouse setting. Since during combat you don’t look up or down, so you can fight like pre-1.3.

Pain in the ass, since you have to change it back after combat and it sucks when bandits start running away and you have to chase. But this at least makes the game playable for me for the time being.

Really hoping they will fix this soon

This isn’t really a good solution though, it’s fine when you’re only fighting one guy because you can lock on to him and not need to worry about look inversion, but if there’s more than one and you’re not locked on to anyone, it’s a complete mess.

This really needs to be addressed otherwise I’ll find it pretty tough to play.

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Yeah, I have stopped playing. Just cant be bothered as it is now. Give a shout here when they fix it :wink:

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Before 1.3 I had to put off the game because of several bugged quests I couldn’t finish. Now I have to do it again because of this insane inverted combat wheel! Whole combo muscle memory of several hours of gameplay GONE after this patch. Maybe I could try to learn it again if you inverted vertical and horizontal axis in combat wheel, but in current state it is absolutely unplayable and unnatural.

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I agree, it’s not a good solution. But since they messed it up with the latest patch, this is the only way I’ve found to make the game playable. I would imagine a good number of people are now turned off by this big mistake, and more will be in the future.

This needs to be addressed immediately. You’ve got people turned off by this that will not return, regardless of when this is fixed.

Yeah, well I submitted a bug report by email and somebody got back to me and said they’re aware of the issue and that they’re going to address it, so watch this space hopefully.

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I’ve played many hourse with inverted mouse and normal combat star. And now i cant fight.

In combat, there is no need to move the mouse’s view up or down.

I need to move the mouse quickly to use the combo and fakes but with the inverted combat star is almost impossible because the mouse is not controlled and lives its own life.
Return it as it was before or make option with a switchable mouse on combat star.

Coming here to bump all these threads as i still cannot play the game in it’s current state.

Oh well guess it’s back to The Witcher 3 and Far Cry 5 on my days off in the meantime.

This still hasn’t been addressed? That’s a bit ridiculous. Does anyone know if they’re even planning to fix this? I submitted a bug report ages ago and was told it’d be looked at but heard nothing since.

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I can’t play the game myself using a keyboard.
Never really could and really enjoy a game . Witcher 1&2 weren’t as much fun as they could have been
I use a XB1 wireless controller and invert the y axis and I am good to go.
I admit to lockpick I revert to the keyboard and thumb ball mouse.