Invisible Tonchek

So I was completing the mission “Besmirched”, and my actual objective was to find the charcoal man Toncheck. I reach where he lives and apparently he’s invisible.
I searched him around the house but the objective point is still pointing at where is supposed to be. After a while I realised that in one of the previous mission, where you’re supposed to chase the knight Ulrich, we had a fight on the Hill and I think he killed him during the fight. Now I can’t proceed with the mission and I don’t know what to do, but definitely I don’t want to repeat all over again.

I’m Using Steam version.

Dead and invisible aren’t quite the same thing. You can use Cheat mod to respawn him, or just ignore the quest. It’s just a side quest.

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Thanks for the suggestion, in the end I just reloaded the old save data because I didn’t want to download and install the cheat mod, but still thank you for the help :wink: