Is it normal to lose all lockpicks after finishing homecoming quest?

OK, so after a year of not playing KCD, I decided to start a new playthough on a cleanly installed GOG game, without mods. I wanted to mod it again, but I cant remember everything I installed. I know that mods can taint the save files and cause bugs. So I figured it’s better to do without.

Anyway, while I was in Skalitz I got some lockpicks from Fritz. Then I played all the way through to the Homecoming quest, and completed it. After waking up in Peshek’s house, I find that everything I had from before is still there…except my 4 lockpicks. Are they supposed to be “confiscated” by the game after this quest? I know I can get more from Votava in Talmberg, so it’s not an issue. I also find it weird that my lockpicks are gone while my dagger is still present.

Peshek will give you ten lockpicks when you ask him to teach you lockpicking.

Why your four picks are gone, I don’t know. I never noticed that myself.

Yeah, I realized Peshek does give you lockpicks, so no need to go to Votava. The only thing I’m not used to, is lockpicking with a controller. There are traditional/normal and simplified settings for it. I can easily lockpick very hard lockpicks when using a mouse with the traditional setting enabled, but with a controller it is quite difficult. Simplified does help a bit, but it’s still not easy.