Is it possible to manage the game without picking locks?

Having just started, I seem to be stuck in Talmberg. I’d like to leave the place with my horse and armour (as the main quest stipulates), but the only armours available are locked down and I can’t for the life of me get my head around lockpicking. I have been trying for hours, reloading, but everytime I try even the very easy lock in the armory chest my pick breaks in seconds. I have understood the what, but can’t execute the how, i.e. keeping the pick at the sweet spot as I rotate. So this leaves me with two questions:
Is it possible to get out of Talmberg with horse and armour without picking any locks?
Is it, later on, possible to enjoy the game without picking any locks, or am I screwed?

You don’t need to pick any locks to play the game. You don’t need the horse or armor to get out of Talmberg, but yes, you can knock out a guard and take his armor.

The easiest way to get out of Talmberg is to just jump off the bridge. You can do that on foot, with or without armor, and you can also do it on horseback with or without armor.

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Keep at it gets easier! I like the original lock picking system but they have an easier setting now

Thanks. I decided to leave the armour, take my horse and run. Not sure it mattered much because now, after Skaliz, I seem to have lost both the horse and original clothing anyway…

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Yes, the horse is gone. In previous versions you could go back and get the horse, but they despawn in the latest version. Your armor should be in your chest where you woke up, and in all inns. You can either keep doing the main story and get a free horse, buy one, or steal one.

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No. There is part you’ll need to lockpick to survive.

The only time I felt i HAD to lockpick, is when I inadvertently dropped a quest item.

In those cases where you lose custody of a quest item, that item is magically transported to a “lost and found” cheat that is locked. In fact, it’s also behind onenor two locked doors as well.

You’ll also meet some shady characters along the way that MIGHT be willing and able to help you learn a few tricks.

I almost never pick locks, for roleplaying reasons.

Few side quests required rockpick(play with devil, for example).
But in basic, it is one of optional solutions.

You can learn skill EXP from NPC or books later. And you can use BUFF potion for them after you found the shop.

And of course, you can find other ways.

And you can always install a mod that completely removes mini-games on the lockpicking and pickpocketing - check nexus. I use the rebalance mod, which makes the game more difficult, but breaking locks seems easy for me. Either the author of the mod eased this aspect, or I just learned how to open locks. Try to find a door with a very easy lock and train on it. Ideally, the owner of the house will come and lock the door each time (I know one such house in Ratai, maybe there are more)