Is KCD more CPU or GPU dependant?

I’m trying to squeeze out more performance from the game and since Warhorse hasn’t done much optimizing, and I’m weary of 3rd party mods, I’m considering OCing some hardware as a workaround. After all, everything I’m using is high-end, unlocked (relatively) and water cooled.

CPU seems to be the biggest bottleneck, oddly. If you can eke out some extra Hz from your processor, you should see better performance.

i5 4690K here. Changing the energy options from balanced to high performance helped me

CPU. I use to run the game on i5 6400, 1070 GPU. I managed to play ok at 1080 resolution, 50 - 60 fps, working on graphic options. I changed the cpu with ryzen 5 3600, the same 1070 GPU. Now I play the game at 2k, 60+ fps. Didn’t change the graphics options.

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